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Stay Healthy in Boulder During Cold and Flu Season


If you’re in Boulder County and worried about the coronavirus, the flu or other colder-weather illnesses, there’s no need to panic or feel helpless. Here are eight ways to pursue wellness in the wintertime in Colorado to help improve your odds of avoiding catching something.

1. Boost your health.

Stay healthy and active, eat well, get plenty of sleep and keep your stress down. These can all improve your ability to fight off a sickness.

2. Keep clean.

It goes without saying, but the city of Boulder recommends practicing good hygiene: “As with any respiratory virus, people should continue to wash their hands frequently and cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing to protect themselves and others.” This means wash your hands often with soap and water and scrub for at least 20 seconds. Also, if soap and water aren’t available and you want to use hand sanitizer, make sure it’s at least 60 percent alcohol.

Read more about what Boulder’s doing to handle the coronavirus here.

Also, keep your home clean using effective cleaning supplies. Here’s a list of the Environmental Protection’s recommended cleaning products.

Boulder Creek Soapworks. Courtesy photo

One way to support the community while keeping clean is to order from local soap-makers, like Almost Sisters Creations. While there, read more about hand-washing. Also check out Boulder Creek Soapworks. Or make your own soap at home using supplies from Mile High Soap.

3. Stay healthy while traveling.

COVID-19 is falling during many schools’ spring breaks. Many people are opting against traveling, some countries are banning American travelers, the U.S. is banning travel from many areas and many airlines are offering free cancellations. Read the Boulder Public Health’s take on spring break here. The CDC doesn’t recommend cruise ships and travel to areas with outbreaks.

4. Stay inside if needed.

If you have compromised immunity or are feeling sick, stay inside and take advantage of the many delivery options in Boulder.

Here’s a look at 15 Surprising Things You Can Get Delivered to Your Door, including cookies, alcohol, cake, marijuana, acupuncture (only if you’re not sick!), a haircut, dog grooming and more.

The Coffee Ride. Courtesy photo

In addition, The Coffee Ride delivers coffee on a bike.

Delivery companies such as Postmate, Door Dash and UberEats are also offering no-contact options.

5. Travel Boulder remotely.

Enjoy Boulder without the crowds. Check out the Flatirons cam and the live goat cam at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy.

Take a virtual tour of the University of Colorado. Join the CU town hall meeting remotely.

Rent eBooks through the Boulder Public Library. Practice yoga and study mindfulness online thanks to Boulder-based 90 Monkeys. Even learn how you might be able to heal your back pain online.

6. Listen to the experts.

Don’t flood your brain with fear-based misinformation. Get your facts straight from the source. Here are some resources to read to make sure you’re properly informed.

7. Consider homeopathy.

Beyond keeping your hands washed and keeping to yourself, Boulder homeopath Jodi Shevins says it’s important to enhance your own immune function when a virus is spreading.

“In large part, homeopathy rose in popularity and use because of good results in epidemic diseases. This was before antibiotics and antiviral drugs. Homeopathic practitioners achieved dramatic success rates treating diseases like cholera, typhus, diphtheria, yellow fever and influenza,” she writes.

Here are some ways she recommends boosting your immunity:

  • Prepare your mucus membranes for battle by humidifying your sleeping area; using salve in your nasal passages; drinking enough liquid; gargling twice a day; clearing nasal passages with saline products; and cleaning or replacing things like make-up, lipsticks, toothbrushes and toothbrush holders.
  • Eat healthy to keep your white blood cells. This means minimize junk food, sweets and all-carb meals. Keep your blood sugar steady. Also, keep your digestive tract healthy; it contains the majority of your immune cells. So avoid foods that cause digestive problems. Don’t eat too much or too little. Make sure you’re eating the right amount of protein, zinc and vitamin A and D.
  • Sleep! It helps you fight infections.
  • If you’re healthy and active, finish your shower or bath with a quick cold blast (30 to 60 seconds) to improve immune function and promote circulation.
  • Don’t stress. Or at least try to manage your stress.
  • If you want to take supplements, choose those that enhance immunity and repair deficiency. Ideas may include elderberry, colostrum, larch bark and medicinal mushrooms.
  • Consider using homeopathy along with the above “sensible self-care actions.”

8. Prepare for possible shortages (without panicking).

Boulder County Public Health recommends gathering a few extra supplies, just in case. It recommends getting an extra months’ worth of prescriptions and slowly stocking up on non-perishable food to last about two weeks.

Want to learn more about staying healthy in Boulder?

Check out Travel Boulder’s health and wellness page. We want to help keep Boulder thriving.

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