The Ultimate Guide to Boulder Colorado
Ultimate Guide to Family Fun

The Ultimate Guide to Family Fun

Time and time again, Boulder has been lauded for being one of the nation’s top college towns. But it’s also great for the younger crowd: for kids and families.

Boulder is a playful, spirited city, with a younger population than the national average. Although it’s full of singles and college students, 19 percent of the residents have children under the age of 18 living with them.

Boulder has also been named one of the top 25 cities for a weekend getaway (Thrillst, 2016), and we think it’s perfect for a family vacation.
Here are some of the top ways to experience Boulder with your family.

Boulder's Ultimate Guide to Music

Boulder’s Ultimate Guide to Music & Entertainment

Boulderites are known to walk to a different drumbeat. And that pulse takes the form of great live tunes, famous performance venues, world-famous bands, a high-caliber music school and an overall thriving music scene.

Boulder is creative. Some local musicians say they’re inspired by the city’s natural majesty. Other people are drawn here to soak up the community’s offerings, found everywhere from big stages to tiny coffee houses, from classical music to Billboard-topping artists, from loud festivals to the private studios of instrument-makers.
Let the music of Boulder move you.

Ultimate Guide to Boulder's Neighborhoods

Ultimate Guide to Boulder’s Neighborhoods

Boulder’s neighborhoods aren’t as distinct as New York or San Francisco. But as Boulder continues to grow up, its regions develop stronger personalities.

For example, North Boulder is artsy. East is full of breweries — and (either fittingly or ironically, depending on how you look at it) a ton of fitness gyms. West is the foothills, where you can find the best hiking trails. South Boulder has a ton of hidden-gem, ethnic restaurants. Downtown centers around the historic, brick-lined Pearl Street pedestrian mall.

You can explore a certain region specifically for its offerings. (Like looking to brewery hop like a boss? Head east.) Or you can make a certain neighborhood your home base and venture out from there.

Ultimate Guide to Shopping

Boulder’s Ultimate Guide to Shopping

Boulder is so much more than Crocs, fleece jackets and tie-dye T-shirts. The city is home to high-end boutiques with famous designers, too. Not to mention a thriving art community that influences its fashion.

As a community with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that values independent businesses, Boulder is packed with unique, one-of-a-kind stores that make for amazing shopping. You can find everything from high fashion to thrift stores, shopping for all budgets and needs.

Here’s where to shop, whether you want a memorable souvenir, that perfect pair of shoes or an only-in-Boulder creation.

Ultimate Guide to Boulder’s Food Scene

Boulder may be one of the fittest cities in the nation, but it’s also one of the foodiest.

From food-centric events, to lavish restaurants with mountain views, to the seemingly endless coffee shops and best dirty spoon diners you could imagine, Boulder’s got it all.

And we’re not just biased. Boulder has been named the top foodiest town in America by Bon Apétit, and has appeared on multiple top cities for food lists from Livability, Food & Wine Magazine, Forbes and BuzzFeed.

Take our word for it. Boulder’s restaurants are top notch.

Celestial Seasonings Celebrates 50 Years of Delicious Tea

You’ve heard of the American Dream.

This is the Boulder Dream.

It’s the story of how a group of local hikers ended up accidentally founding a multi-million dollar business — a creative industry groundbreaker that would help lead the natural foods movement in Boulder and far beyond.

It’s also the story of how a drum-playing, self-proclaimed Boulder hippie would climb from being a bottom-rung temp worker to being the name and, er, tastebuds of the business.

This isn’t your ordinary cup of tea.

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