Boulder may as well be a verb, it’s so active.

You can’t hold this place still.

For a medium-sized city, Boulder boasts a huge travel bucket list, from festivals to famous sporting events to outdoor adventures.

Monkey around on the unusually shaped Flatiron Mountains. Explore more than 145 miles of trails. People-watch on the quirky Pearl Street Mall (seriously, we’re talking contortionists, fire-eaters — we’ve even seen a guy who plays the piano upside down while hanging from a tree).

Any direction, you’ll eventually bump into open space. The city is buffered by more than 45,000 acres of preserved nature — which makes it feel like an island in the mountains.

This design is no coincidence. In the ‘60s, Boulder became the first city in the nation to tax itself to preserve its open space.

And really, that physical bubble is just an extension of Boulder’s odd personality, one that keeps travelers coming back to experience more. Because you never know what you’re going to see, do, or discover in Boulder on any given day.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do Boulder.

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