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Winter Ski Trip: Jackson Hole

Antlers are the most popular decor in Jackson, Wyoming. Yes, antlers. They’re everywhere here in this secluded ski town, just south of Grand Teton National


Winter Ski Trip: Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley is like a breath of fresh air. From the moment you arrive, this resort’s character shines through. It’s an unpretentious, laid-back ski


The 4 Best Winter Hikes in Boulder

Mother Nature doesn’t close down when the temps drop. And you don’t necessarily need equipment, like skis or a board, to explore the snowy outdoors.


The Best Waterfall Hikes Near Boulder

What goes up must come down, right? In Colorado, that means where there are mountains, there must also be equally as stunning waterfalls. Colorado is


The Best Nighttime Hikes in Boulder

Here’s a different way to experience Boulder’s outdoors: under a quiet canopy of stars with the trail illuminated by the full moon and the circle


Play More Video: Winter Edition

In partnership with Eldora Mountain Resort, we are bringing you the best of Boulder recreation, winter edition. Winter is a magical time in Boulder, when


Big News for Eldora’s 2018-19 Season

Eldora is the heart of Boulder, on snow. The Eldora Mountain Resort, Boulder County’s own ski playground, is shaping up for the 2018-19 ski season


How to Enjoy Union Reservoir in Longmont

Attention windsurfers, dogs and kayakers. We found your heaven on Earth. This peaceful, crystal-still stretch of water spreads out across east Longmont. In the background, a


Go Camping — Without the Tent

Sometimes you want to go camping. But you don’t want to go camping. You know. The battle of setting up the tent, the condensation that

Flatirons From Chautauqua

Boulder Itinerary for Outdoor-Lovers

Outdoor-lovers, Boulder’s for you. We’ve got sunshine nearly every day; the mountains in our backyard; and patios, rooftops and parks galore. Here’s how to spend


Ultimate Guide of Things to Do in Boulder

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