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Boulder’s Hidden Gems

Because Boulder often feels like the small-town version of a city, a lot of people start to assume they’ve seen and done everything there is.


Boulder: Play More

When we think Boulder, we think adventure. There’s always something to do outside in Boulder. From the peaks of some of the highest mountains to

trail sign

Take a Hike

If you come to Boulder, you better pack hiking boots. Boulder County has more than 100 miles of trails. And nearby areas offer novice and

Mount Sanitas

Mount Sanitas, a Boulder Gem

Maybe you want the bragging rights to say you hiked to the top of a mountain. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the breathtaking views that come with


A Day of Boulder Biking

From sunrise to sunset, Boulder has biking options to fit everyone’s needs. Catch the sunrise atop Flagstaff Mountain then enjoy the exhilarating ride back into


An Easy Guide To Mountain Biking In Boulder

Mountain Biking at Betasso Preserve. Video by Michael Gough. [x_video_embed type=”16:9″][/x_video_embed] Boulder is well known as a hub of outdoor sports and mountain living. Every


A Guide to Renting Bikes in Boulder

Boulder is a biker’s paradise. It’s home to some of the world’s best biking trails, renowned cyclists and has been named one of the top

Camping tent with a dog

Best Camping Spots Near Boulder

By Callie Pederson Camping is one of the purest and simplest ways to get in touch with Mother Earth and hit the recharge button. You’re

Ultimate Guide to Family Fun

Boulder’s Ultimate Guide to Family Fun

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Wildwood Brewery

A Brewery Biking Tour

By Callie Pederson It’s an excellent way to combine two of Boulder’s biggest passions: a bike and beer tour through town. Boulder boasts 16 different

Aerial Yoga

Unusual Yoga Classes in Boulder

Yoga is not just yoga, in the fittest city in America. Boulder is home to a huge annual yoga festival, the Hanuman Festival, which draws


Ultimate Guide to Eldora Mountain Resort

You can go skiing close to Boulder. Here’s the scoop on how to master the nearby Eldora Mountain Resort. Ultimate Guide to Boulder’s Neighborhoods This