The White Widow sandwich at Cheba Hut. Courtesy photo

Travel Boulder’s Guide to 4/20 Munchies


It’s late. Your mouth is drier than Colorado’s air. Maybe you had one too many bites of a Cheeba Chew in honor of 4/20. Whatever led you here, you’re feeling the Rocky Mountain high, you’re in Boulder and your need to eat is like an unscratchable itch.

You’re not alone. The munchies are nothing new in these parts. In fact, Boulder has a handful of restaurants that specialize in helping you handle your high.

Here are the seven best places to eat in Boulder when you have the munchies.

Boulder Baked
Boulder Baked is a late-night favorite. Courtesy photo

1. Boulder Baked

Boulder Baked, 1911 Broadway, is so much more than just a bakery. You can also fill up with your favorite comfort foods, like pot pies, grilled cheese sandwiches and warm soup. Ahh.

But what makes Boulder Baked a favorite munchie spot is that it offers cookie delivery. No need to try to convince your sober buddies to drive you to a restaurant (PSA: Don’t attempt to toke and drive; you can get a DUI, and no, you can’t fool Boulder’s police, are you kidding?). Instead, sit back on your couch and watch the warm, fresh-baked cookies come right to your door. With milk. And coffee, if you need an energy boost. And ice cream, if you like your cookies cold.

Boulder Baked makes everything from scratch. No preservatives or weird ingredients. The menu even offers gluten-free and vegan options.

2. Half Fast Subs

Half Fast Subs (say that 10 times fast), 1215 13th St., is a popular sandwich shop that boasts the largest sandwich menu in the country, with more than 100 options. Whatever weird combo you’re craving, you’ll find your fix here.

The subs are monstrous, too (the 14-incher, oh my gosh). And the shop itself is pretty funky and wild. No one will care/notice if you’re a little blitzed. In fact, in 2015, the shop claims it served more than 100,000 hungry Boulderites.

Half Fast is a stand-up establishment, too. You can often find them involved in some kind of philanthropy or volunteer event.

Try this on the menu: The Ba-Donk-A-Donk, and not just because it’s fun to say. It brings together roast beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, hot peppers and Ranch dressing. Unable to drive? Get your sub delivered through

3. Cheba Hut Toasted Subs

You can’t talk about munchies in Boulder without giving Cheba Hut a nod. Yup. Cheba Hut Toasted Subs, 1313 College Ave., offers a marijuana-inspired menu. All 30-plus signature sandwiches on the menu are actually inspired by a strain of cannabis or paraphernalia. Drinks are called “cotton mouth cures.” Munchies include Rice Krispy treats, a Bowl O’ Balls (meatballs with your choice of sauce) and other guilty pleasures.

Cheba Hut has been around since 1998. While it’s not an only-in-Boulder restaurant, it fits here oh so well. There’s a branch in nearby Longmont, too.

If you’re high, Cheba Hut will fly. Delivery comes standard.

Local tip: Cheba Hut is the only place we know where you can get Kool-Aid as a fountain drink. Not sure what to order? Check the Toker Tips, the crew’s suggestions for different variations of the sandwiches. Don’t be surprised if staff suggests adding this or that to your sandwich to make it a little more fun. Feeling bold? Add peanut butter to the Thai Stick sandwich.

4. Cosmo’s Pizza

Pizza has a special way to sate the munchies. Cosmo’s Pizza is a local fave, and not only because it’s open late-late: until 2:30 a.m. every day.

The New York-style, thin-crust pizza is also wondrously delicious. What Cosmo’s is most famous for, however, especially among stoners, is its spicy ranch dressing. Put it on your pizza. Put it on your calzone. Put it on your everything.

Cosmo’s has three locations in Boulder: 659 30th St., 3117 28th St. and 1325 Broadway near University Hill, popular among college kids.

Illegal Pete's
Illegal Pete’s serves late-night food in two locations in Boulder. Courtesy photo

5. Illegal Pete’s

If you need guacamole or a big ol’ juicy burrito to heal your high, Illegal Pete’s is your place. This Mexican joint serves up fresh, fast burritos until late in two locations in Boulder: one on Pearl Street and one on University Hill. Think: Chipotle, except local, fresher and more delicious.

Illegal Pete’s is super chill and plays loud, great music to eat by.

One cool thing this restaurant does is offers out-of-town bands a free meal when they’re on tour. It’s called the Starving Artist Program, and it’s fed the likes of Morrissey, Weezer and Elton John before. We’re not saying those musicians had the munchies, but if they did, Pete’s would have hit the spot.

Illegal Pete’s is a long-standing Boulder tradition, topping 20 years now. The original location is on The Hill, but the restaurant has since expanded beyond Colorado’s borders.

6. Pizza Colóre

Another popular place for pizza in Boulder is the Pearl Street staple, Pizza Colóre. This locally owned pizza place (1336 Pearl St.) can get cheese into your belly immediately. Just order pizza by the slice. Eat it on the patio and watch people wander down the mall or take it to the courtyard lawn across the street and enjoy it under the stars.

Feeling extra hungry? You can get a whole pie or a fat calzone. House made dessert doesn’t suck, either.

Pizza Colóre is fast, filling, inexpensive and open ‘til 2:30 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. It’s also been a Boulder business for more than two decades. Bonus: Dough is hand-made daily. You can taste the difference.

7. Kim’s Food to Go

Kim’s Food to Go, 1325 Broadway, is nothing fancy. It’s relaxed, inexpensive and fresh: perfect to conquer the munchies if you’re craving Asian food.

Kim’s serves Vietnamese fare, such as egg rolls, curry and even pho (and everyone knows pho cures everything). Kim’s is a unique spot in Boulder, located on The Hill and widely popular among college students. The unpretentious vibe makes it welcoming to any guest, even if you happen to be in your yoga pants with bright red eyes.

You’ll love the large portions that are gentle on your wallet. You probably won’t get out in a flash, though. Everything made to order, so it takes a little time to get your food.

Can’t handle a steering wheel or being in public? Delivery is free.

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