Boulder Movement Collective.
Boulder Movement Collective. Courtesy Photo.

The Best Workouts in Town


Boulder is the fittest city in America, and it’s the residents that make it so. When you’re lucky, those elite athletes and fitness gurus extend their knowledge to the public. You can find some of the world’s best group fitness classes and personal training in Boulder County.

The list of unique workouts is endless because it’s constantly growing. There’s always another new way to challenge the body and mind. But over the years, a few classes have risen to the surface as some of the best of the best.

Here are some of our favorite ways to workout in Boulder County, all fun and effective and chosen for different reasons.

Handstands at Boulder Movement Collective
Handstands at Boulder Movement Collective. Courtesy Photo.

Movement at Boulder Movement Collective, 3280 Valmont Road, Boulder

No matter your fitness goals or level, this class is amazing. There’s nothing else quite like it in the world.

The catch: It’s so hard to explain. Google fitness master Ido Portal as a starting point. Watch him in awe, but don’t let it intimidate you. The premise here is that humans are naturally built to move, but we either never learn how to be good movers or we forget. The class teaches you how to move better.

It’s reminiscent of some kinds of gymnastics moves (such as handstands), martial arts, dance and body-weight strength-building, all put together in a completely non-intimidating manner that makes it manageable for everyone. But you will be challenged. And if you keep going, expect to do things you never dreamed of, as you become better acquainted with your body, its movement patterns and the process of learning.

The Boulder Movement Collective doesn’t call itself a gym or fitness center; it calls itself a movement facility.

Fitness for Living Bootcamp
Fitness for Living Bootcamp. Courtesy Photo.

Fitness For Living Boot Camps, outdoors in Boulder

If you’re looking for a tough outdoor workout that will yield great results, Fitness of Living is a fun way to do it. We love the boot camp classes because they not only include effective fitness activities, but also nutrition advice and a strong social support system.

Just visiting or want to give it a taste? Try the free Saturday trail class, Fitness in the Foothills. This is a boot camp-style class held on a trail, such as Chautauqua Trail. The class is led by a trainer. Expect to do intervals along the trail: running interspersed with bodyweight exercises. It’s a ton of fun and gets you outdoors in Boulder’s beautiful mountains. Every class is different, so your body and mind don’t get bored.

Acu-Yoga, Nomadic Yogis at Elevated Yoga Studio, 324 Main St., Longmont

You’ll have to venture northeast to Longmont for this special class, but it’s worth it. It’s a unique fusion of acupuncture and yoga in a small, intimate, sweet studio.

No, you won’t be trying to do the Sun Salutation sequence while covered in needles. The yoga instructor leads the students through specific postures, while an acupuncturist walks around and treats students, one at a time, community-style. You lie down on your mat to get poked, and when you’re ready, you return to the yoga.

The effect? Other than killing two birds with one stone? Acupuncture releases your muscles and mind so you can sink even deeper into the yoga. You will leave feeling incredible.

Spinal Reflex Therapy, Rocky Mountain Clinical Massage, 75 Manhattan Drive, Suite 103, Boulder

This isn’t a traditional workout, per se, in that you’re not going to sweat or get your heart rate up. But it’s a crucial addition to any health and fitness regimen (and a great way to treat your body if you traveled to visit Boulder).

Spinal Reflex Therapy is compared to advanced massage therapy, except there’s no squeezing of the muscles. Instead, the practitioner uses pressure on certain points of the back, often near the spine, to cause muscles to let go and also affect your neurology, so the problem is cleared at the root.

SRT, as it’s called for short, is clinically proven to be effective and works the same every time, no matter the therapist, as long as they follow the protocol. It’s a highly scientific approach to bodywork that can be life-changing and erase chronic pain, help aid in injury healing and improve your overall bodily functioning.

Regular massage will never be enough for you after this.

Aimee Heckel tries out The Answer at Just Fitness. Photo by Joe Roseberry

The Answer, Just Results, 3400 Industrial Lane, Broomfield

Just Results is one of our favorite gyms in the area, led by fitness guru and author  Joe Roseberry. A few years ago, he designed a product called The Answer, which Roseberry claims is the best piece of fitness equipment out there.

While we haven’t tried every piece of equipment, we can’t deny how effective and surprisingly versatile The Answer is. Essentially, it’s a platform with a foot shelf that sets you up to do proper squats and crunches, two of the most body-changing forms of exercise.

Roseberry regularly offers upbeat group Answer classes, or you can book a personal training session with him. Prepare to be amazed. He has a unique style of training that taps into the mental side of fitness (in a cheerful, playful way) like no one we’ve ever met. His positive messages and endless stream of energy and hope will transform your mind, which will set you up to transform your body.

Even if you’re in Boulder County for just a weekend, we highly recommend trying to get in for an hour session with Roseberry — while you still can. Expect to see him somewhere big soon.

Gyrotonic Tower, Gyrotonic Bohdi
Gyrotonic Tower, Gyrotonic Bohdi. Courtesy Photo

Gyrotonic Tower, Gyrotonic Bohdi, 3200 Valmont Road, Unit 4, Boulder

If you haven’t tried Gyrotonic before (or you think it may be a type of Greek lunch wrap), head immediately to Gyrotonic Bohdi. That is, if you can get a spot in one of the classes.

This studio is wildly popular, and for good reason. The atmosphere is friendly, the classes feel good while challenging you, and they work, too. Imagine a fusion of yoga, dance and tai chi, done on a special machine that is vaguely (but not entirely) reminiscent of a piece of Pilates equipment. If you can get a lesson on the Gyrotonic Archway, give it a try. It’s like an intelligent jungle gym for athletes and dancers.

Gyrotonic moves your body through a full range of 3-D movements that feel so good. You won’t know how you lived without it.

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