Trivia Night at Asher Brewing

The Best Pub Trivia Nights in Boulder


Sometimes it’s not enough to just hang out with your friends. You have to win at something. For those nights, we have pub trivia. In Boulder, not much of an excuse is needed to drink beer, but it sweetens the deal a bit to simultaneously play a game and use your brain.

To help satisfy those semi-intellectual urges, here’s an outline of the best options of pub trivia around town.

Geeks who drink


Mondays used to be tough for trivia in Boulder, but Geeks Who Drink just started 7:30 Monday night quizzes at Sanitas Brewing, a favorite local hangout. Get there early and have a beer on the patio or get a game of cornhole in. And don’t forget they do beer specials every time a train goes by, so you can win glory and (brewery-wide) fame for you and your friends while saving a little cash on your usual Monday night beer.


Trivia Tuesdays are an embarrassment of riches. If it’s during the season and you want to multitask, head to Harpo’s Sports Grill at 7:30 p.m. A local landmark, Harpo’s is generally packed for any major sports event. But on mid-week nights like this, you can usually get a good spot and satisfy your whole team, while no one has to miss the game.

If you’re into something a little tougher or a unique setting, the Bohemian Biergarten has trivia hosted by This Is A Clue. You’ll have to get there a little earlier to get a spot (that back room fills up quickly), but the questions are tough, the atmosphere is great, and Das Boot liter beers are on special all night. It’s also a must for fans of German-style beers, as the Biergarten has the best selection in town.

Not to be forgotten, Asher Brewing in Gunbarrel runs one of the few fully-independent trivia nights in town, and no matter the weather, it also has a huge back area with cornhole and bar games. Host Erin Delaney comes up with some fun wordplay rounds, too.


Another night with a great selection, the highlights of Wednesday trivia are Twisted Pine Brewing and Foolish Craig’s on Pearl Street. Run by Geeks Who Drink, Twisted Pine is a great spot for tasty local beers and food options that anyone can appreciate. The buffalo chicken mac and cheese is a favorite.

Foolish Craig’s runs trivia a little differently: After every question, a song plays, and you have until the end of the song to turn in your answer. Bonus points if you can name the title and artist of the song. Even better, each song is a clue to the question.

If you’re in South Boulder (and especially if you’re a college student), stop by the infamous Dark Horse on Wednesdays. It’ll get crowded, but it’s rowdier than most trivia nights and some groups really put together good teams from various departments.


Thursdays are where availability starts to get a little thin; bars are busy on Thursday anyway, without the added crowds of trivia night. As a result, the best trivia on Thursday night in Boulder is actually only a partial-year setup at Boulder Beer. During the summer, it has live music on Thursdays (also worth checking out) but autumn through spring, Boulder Beer hosts trivia. Winner gets a gift card, which can be used on the spot.

The weekends aren’t a busy time for trivia, but hopefully, the ability to go four days a week can satisfy your competitive cravings. If you’re wandering down to Denver or elsewhere, we recommend checking the Geeks Who Drink website. It runs at least a dozen trivias a day across Colorado. Either way, if Jeopardy ends and you’re looking for something to do, get a few friends together and see what you know.

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