Fat Bikes in Boulder

In Boulder, you can ride all year. Even if it’s snowing or icy, even if it’s freezing out, many of Boulder’s public trails and backroads remain open. And that’s when the fat bikes come out to play. Fat bikes, named for their extra-wide tires that can maneuver on all kinds of terrain (from muddy to […]

Unique Hot Chocolate in Boulder

If wintertime in Boulder looks like the “Flatirons Star,” a massive star made of holiday lights on the side of the foothills, then the taste of winter in Boulder is a warm cup of hot cocoa, held in your hands as you wander down the Pearl Street Mall. If you’re looking to warm up your […]

The Boulder Winter Bucket List

Chautauqua in winter. Photo by Aimee Heckel

Snow days are the best days in Boulder. Just because the temps and the snow start to drop doesn’t mean it’s time to drop off the radar like a hermit. There’s a ton of action in Boulder when it’s not summertime. Boulder has more than 300 days of sunshine annually. And despite Boulder’s closeness to Eldora […]

2020 Calendar Highlights

Winter is when Boulder shines brightest. Whether you will be visiting over the holidays or want to make a 2020 bucket list, here are some of the highlights in Boulder for 2020, starting in the winter and into the springtime. This is by no means all that’s going on. For the full list of activities […]

Winterfest at Chautauqua

The Chautauqua Dining Hall. Courtesy photo

Boulder has its own little holiday village tucked up against the Flatirons. If you’ve never visited the Colorado Chautauqua during the holidays, this is the year to add it to your (advent) calendar. For 2019, the Chautauqua is turning itself into a magical winter wonderland, and it’s kicking off the festivities with a new weekend […]

What’s New With Colorado’s Ski Resorts?

Eldora. Courtesy photo

Your favorite ol’ Colorado mountains are dishing up some new action for the winter of 2019. Here’s a look at some of the new offerings at some of Colorado’s popular ski resorts this season: Eldora Eldora, the closest ski mountain to Boulder, had a record season last year and is scheduled to open Nov. 15, […]

5 Ways to Enjoy Colorado’s Winter Wonderland

Colorado is snowier than the rest of the United States, with 64 inches of snow annually in Denver County, compared with 26 inches in the nation. Yet Colorado is also sunnier than the rest of the country, averaging 245 days of sunshine per year, compared with the U.S. average of 205. Sunnier and snowier is […]

Winter Day Trips From Boulder

With tons of mountain trails open year-round and a quick shot to the Eldora ski resort, we’re not going to lie; we think Boulder is the perfect little snow globe for a winter vacation. But more adventure awaits just beyond the Boulder bubble. With the ski slopes to the west, it’s an obvious option to […]

8 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Boulder

Just because the temps drop and the snow follows doesn’t mean it’s time to hide away and hermit. There’s tons to do in the winter in Boulder. Pull on your mittens. Here are eight ways to enjoy the perfect Boulder-style winter. 1. Go Skiing You can go skiing close to Boulder, at the Eldora Mountain Resort. […]

The 4 Best Winter Hikes in Boulder

Mother Nature doesn’t close down when the temps drop. And you don’t necessarily need equipment, like skis or a board, to explore the snowy outdoors. All you need is your two feet and knowledge of where to go. OK, and maybe some extra traction for your shoes. Many of Boulder’s 151 miles of trails stay […]

Winter Activities in Boulder for Kids

Winter in Colorado. Photo by Aimee Heckel

As a parent, don’t think of wintertime as something you have to survive. Think of it as different adventures waiting to happen. When the weather gets cold, it can be trickier to entertain your kiddos. You can’t just bring them to a playground and let them run their wiggles out for the whole afternoon, at […]

Boulder’s Best Winter Beers

The Ski Tan by Post Brewing. Courtesy photo
The Ski Tan by Post Brewing. Courtesy photo

When the temps drop, some people crave the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate in their hands. We think about warming up from the inside-out, with a tall glass of local brew specially concocted for the season. Boulder County has some of the world’s top breweries, and they’re always coming up with new ways […]

The Best Places to do ‘Snowga’ (Yoga in the Snow) in Boulder


Boulder is multi-talented. But a couple things the city is really good at? Orchestrating epic snowstorms and striking yoga poses. Combine the two and you’ve got “snowga”— which is a trend that’s taking social media by (snow)storm. Boulder gets nearly 90 inches of snow each year, with the most powder coming down in February and March, […]

Ultimate Guide to Eldora Mountain Resort

You can go skiing close to Boulder. Here’s the scoop on how to master the nearby Eldora Mountain Resort. Ultimate Guide to Boulder’s Neighborhoods This article is part of a larger series. To see all the articles in this Ultimate Guide, click here. Where is it? Eldora’s location is one of its greatest appeals. It’s […]

7 Winter Hiking Tips in Boulder

As the saying goes, there is no bad weather. Only bad equipment. You can (and should) hike in Boulder year-round. But when the temps drop and the snow falls, you will need to take a few extra precautions to make sure you remain safe and enjoy yourself. 1. Get informed. Stop by the Chautauqua Ranger […]