Plan a Day Trip to Fort Collins

Fort Collins
Old Town Fort Collins. Photo by Aimee Heckel

To locals, Fort Collins and Boulder are rival cities. They’re home to Colorado’s two main universities, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado, respectively. But for travelers visiting Boulder and locals who can manage to pause the rivalry for a few hours, Fort Collins makes for a wonderful day trip just more than one […]

A Road Trip to Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain Resort
A fire pit at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs while the sun sets. Photo by Aimee Heckel

Feed a mountain giraffe. Try the hottest salsa you’ve ever tasted. Plunge 150 feet into the canyon at 100 miles per hour. Experience total darkness in a mysterious, underground world. Welcome to Colorado Springs. It’s no ski resort, so Colorado Springs can sometimes get overlooked by travelers visiting Colorado or Boulderites looking for a close-to-home […]