Best Bathrooms in Boulder

Dark Horse

Some say you can tell a lot about a restaurant’s kitchen by its bathroom. The premise: If a business doesn’t put effort into what you can actually see, imagine how bad what you can’t see is. Of course, this is not true across the board. It’s impossible to keep up with the toilet habits of […]

Boulder’s Most Entertaining Street Performers

Pearl Street Performers

The first birthday party I ever planned for myself was when I was in the fifth grade. The itinerary went like this: The minivan departs our Denver suburb for Boulder. Important note: The chauffeur (i.e. my dad) must take the birthday party crew along “the scenic route.” That’s Colo. 93, which hugs right up next […]

Is JP Sears As Funny in Person As on Video? We Find Out

We chatted (and meditated) with YouTube guru JP Sears, who just released his first book. Photo by Aimee Heckel

This is not just an act. Maybe that’s the biggest joke of all. JP Sears is an internet sensation, famous for his 40-plus viral videos poking fun at his “ultra spiritual life,” meditation in public places, Instagram yoga posing, how to become gluten intolerant and, of course, why Boulder is “The Consciousness Capital” of the world. […]

Short-Term Vacation Rentals and Airbnbs in Boulder

So you want luxury, but for a good price. You want to stay in the best part of Boulder, where no hotels could ever be built. You want the newest amenities and the hippest decor. You want a personal concierge to provide you inside tips on where to eat, shop and party. You want a […]

The 9 Coolest Airbnbs in Boulder

1. A home built into the mountain This is so Boulder that it’s built into a boulder. This home is constructed on a cliff atop Mount Sanitas with ridiculous, panoramic canyon views. The home actually has a rock outcrop carved into the interior, so there are rock features from outside incorporated inside. Imagine a massive […]

Unusual Yoga Classes in Boulder

Aerial Yoga

Yoga is not just yoga, in the fittest city in America. Boulder is home to a huge annual yoga festival, the Hanuman Festival, which draws hundreds of yogis from around the globe, including some of yoga’s biggest stars. A handful of famous yogis also call Boulder home, including Richard Freeman, who has been doing yoga […]

Slideshow: Only on Pearl Street

A collection of quirky things and people you’ll see only on Pearl Street. [envira-gallery id=”6549″] Got a photo you think should be on this slideshow? Submit it to 

The Best Places to do ‘Snowga’ (Yoga in the Snow) in Boulder


Boulder is multi-talented. But a couple things the city is really good at? Orchestrating epic snowstorms and striking yoga poses. Combine the two and you’ve got “snowga”— which is a trend that’s taking social media by (snow)storm. Boulder gets nearly 90 inches of snow each year, with the most powder coming down in February and March, […]

The 5 Most Unique Bars In Boulder

Because sometimes you want something totally different. Sometimes it’s a rare tequila or an unusual cocktail, say, infused with gem essences and served below a glowing chakra wall. Other times, it’s a unique ambiance, like a speakeasy hidden underneath a historic hotel or a bar stocked with movie props. Boulder’s got all that, and more. […]