Guide to Boulder’s Natural Attractions

From the Pearl Street Mall to the historic Chautauqua Cottages, Boulder’s full of interesting history, old buildings and unique shops. But with a name like “Boulder,” the true attractions were here long before the settlers raised a hammer. The stars of this region are the foothills and mountains, the curious geological formations and the nature […]

Fat Bikes in Boulder

In Boulder, you can ride all year. Even if it’s snowing or icy, even if it’s freezing out, many of Boulder’s public trails and backroads remain open. And that’s when the fat bikes come out to play. Fat bikes, named for their extra-wide tires that can maneuver on all kinds of terrain (from muddy to […]

Guide to the Flatirons

If you’ve been to Boulder, you know them: the unusual-looking, slanted rock slabs that are the backdrop to the city. The Flatirons are inseparable from Boulder. They’re everywhere: on images of Boulder, logos, business names. When in Boulder, whether as a resident or a visitor, the top attraction is to experience the Flatirons. There are […]

The Best Things to Do in Estes Park

Estes Park. Courtesy photo

Estes Park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. That, alone, makes this quaint mountain town a hot day trip destination for visitors and residents in Boulder. The national park, one of Colorado’s four, boasts 415 square miles of natural beauty, peaks, trails and wildlife. But Estes is worth a trip in its own […]

The 4 Best Winter Hikes in Boulder

Mother Nature doesn’t close down when the temps drop. And you don’t necessarily need equipment, like skis or a board, to explore the snowy outdoors. All you need is your two feet and knowledge of where to go. OK, and maybe some extra traction for your shoes. Many of Boulder’s 151 miles of trails stay […]

The 5 Best, Pet-Friendly Hotels in Boulder

Boulder loves its animals. You can find many high-end pet stores in town,  dog-friendly bar patios and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley adopted out more than 5,000 pets in 2015 and 2016. Surrounded by a belt of open space with trails welcoming to canine companions — and with popular dog parks to mingle with […]

The Best Places to do ‘Snowga’ (Yoga in the Snow) in Boulder


Boulder is multi-talented. But a couple things the city is really good at? Orchestrating epic snowstorms and striking yoga poses. Combine the two and you’ve got “snowga”— which is a trend that’s taking social media by (snow)storm. Boulder gets nearly 90 inches of snow each year, with the most powder coming down in February and March, […]

Ultimate Guide to Eldora Mountain Resort

You can go skiing close to Boulder. Here’s the scoop on how to master the nearby Eldora Mountain Resort. Ultimate Guide to Boulder’s Neighborhoods This article is part of a larger series. To see all the articles in this Ultimate Guide, click here. Where is it? Eldora’s location is one of its greatest appeals. It’s […]

17 Surprising Things to do at Boulder’s Chautauqua Park

Old Crow Medicin Show performs at Chautauqua Auditorium. Photo by Benko Photographics

There’s something magical about standing at the base of the Flatiron Mountains that is both breathtaking and perspective-giving. That’s the first and most obvious thing that draws people to Boulder’s Chautauqua Park, located right at the foot of the Flatirons. This historic, 120-year-old park is one of Boulder’s most famous landmarks. It’s the gateway to […]

High Times: What You Need to Know About Altitude Sickness

How exciting it was to plan your trip to Boulder. All that hiking and cycling, you could hardly wait. In the evening, you looked forward to trying some fine wines, knowing that Boulder has five Master Sommeliers out of only 147 in the United States. Or perhaps a flight of craft beers at one of Boulder […]

7 Winter Hiking Tips in Boulder

As the saying goes, there is no bad weather. Only bad equipment. You can (and should) hike in Boulder year-round. But when the temps drop and the snow falls, you will need to take a few extra precautions to make sure you remain safe and enjoy yourself. 1. Get informed. Stop by the Chautauqua Ranger […]