Living in Boulder — December 2022

  Winter has arrived, with a chilling arctic blast the week before the holidays providing Boulder with about 5 inches to 6 inches of snow and below-zero temperatures. But we all know from living here that in a few days it will all be gone just as fast as it arrived. The mountains this year […]

Resource Central: 45 Years of Conservation

Visiting Resource Central is a bit like going on a treasure hunt — as a shopper, you never know what you’re going to find among the shelves of recycled construction materials, home fixtures, garden tools, furniture and other odds and ends. When you stumble upon something unique, vintage or just the right size and shape […]

Living in Boulder

Coot Lake and the Flatirons in Boulder. Photo by Ann Duncan

Living in Boulder is a lifestyle all its own, where quality of life meets exceptional living opportunities in Colorado. Boulder has a vast variety of housing options from apartments and single-family homes to luxury homes, farms and estates. You name it, Boulder real estate has it — if you can afford it. For those who […]