Least-Busy Hikes Near Boulder

Boulder County is restricted to “shelter in place,” banning all non-essential activities outside of the house. However, outdoor exercise, such as walking, hiking, biking, running and walking your dogs, are all considered “essential activities.” Just make sure you follow social distancing guidelines, remaining a full six feet apart from others. However, just because the trails […]

The Best Waterfall Hikes Near Boulder

What goes up must come down, right? In Colorado, that means where there are mountains, there must also be equally as stunning waterfalls. Colorado is home to 81 different officially named waterfalls, plus countless unnamed ones — and some of the best in the world. You might see waterfalls trickling or roaring down the mountain […]

Fall Day Trips from Boulder: the Paint Mines, Royal Gorge, Steamboat, Denver

Fall is one of the best times to visit Colorado. No, really. While winter and summer get all the hype, that’s exactly why we love exploring the state in the fall. It’s not as crowded, it’s easy to find travel deals and the scenery (and weather) are just as fantastic; while you’re likely to get […]

Take a Hike

trail sign
Diamond Lake trail sign. Photo by Bryan Neely

If you come to Boulder, you better pack hiking boots. Boulder County has more than 100 miles of trails. And nearby areas offer novice and expert day-trippers everything from low-impact outings along the Front Range to hair-raising challenges above 14,000 feet elevation. Where to begin? That’s like asking a sugar fiend to pick one treat […]

Mount Sanitas, a Boulder Gem

Mount Sanitas
Mount Sanitas. Photo by Brittany Anas

Maybe you want the bragging rights to say you hiked to the top of a mountain. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the breathtaking views that come with such a feat. Whatever the reason, Boulder’s your place. Colorado is well known for its fourteeners — peaks that top 14,000 feet above sea level— but many of these are […]

Happening Highlights

Happening Highlights

I remember seeing the promising full moon, in the sky like the light at the end of the tunnel of black night. For a while, it was all we could see, other than the dust and rocks our tires kicked into the headlights on the remote mountain road. I sat in the passenger seat of […]