The 4 Best Winter Hikes in Boulder

Mother Nature doesn’t close down when the temps drop. And you don’t necessarily need equipment, like skis or a board, to explore the snowy outdoors. All you need is your two feet and knowledge of where to go. OK, and maybe some extra traction for your shoes. Many of Boulder’s 151 miles of trails stay […]

Happening Highlights

The other day, I was walking barefoot down the Pearl Street Mall drinking a cold brew when I stopped to get my palm read by a busker who claimed to be psychic. It wasn’t even the most Boulder thing I’ve ever done. It was barely up there on the Boulder Richter scale. Higher up there: […]

Get Out of Town: Eldorado Springs

Trail at Eldorado Canyon
Fowler Trail at Eldorado Canyon

By Callie Pederson Boulder has no shortage of hiking trails and climbing routes. However, on a nice day, the popular trails in town can be highly trafficked and sometimes too crowded to enjoy. Eldorado Springs, located about 10 miles south, is the place to go if you’re looking for a less crowded, adventurous day in […]

7 Winter Hiking Tips in Boulder

As the saying goes, there is no bad weather. Only bad equipment. You can (and should) hike in Boulder year-round. But when the temps drop and the snow falls, you will need to take a few extra precautions to make sure you remain safe and enjoy yourself. 1. Get informed. Stop by the Chautauqua Ranger […]