Carousel of Happiness

As the animals whirl round and round, the world beyond the carousel melts into a blur of colors and sounds. Reality hangs on the melody of a 1913 Wurlitzer organ. No matter which seat you choose, you are riding history and a dream. Each hand-carved, wooden animal in the menagerie has its own story and […]

Winter Activities in Boulder for Kids

Winter in Colorado. Photo by Aimee Heckel

As a parent, don’t think of wintertime as something you have to survive. Think of it as different adventures waiting to happen. When the weather gets cold, it can be trickier to entertain your kiddos. You can’t just bring them to a playground and let them run their wiggles out for the whole afternoon, at […]

Happening Highlights

Happening Highlights

There’s something about the blinking lights and the loud music and the spinning until I nearly barf. I never outgrew the carnival. When I see a ferris wheel, I have to stop and ride. There’s a certain atmosphere at the Boulder County Fair. The air is dusty and buzzing. You can smell horses in the […]

5 Unique Ways to Use Boulder County’s Community Gardens

Kid and a Goat
Boulder's Community Gardens are a great experience for the kids! Courtesy Photo from Growing Gardens.

These aren’t your ordinary garden plots. This is a collection of hundreds of urban garden plots throughout Boulder County, community gathering places, outdoor classrooms and a unique way to connect with nature while in Boulder. The 17-acre garden at 1630 Hawthorne in Boulder is also the last agriculturally-zoned piece of land in the city of […]

Events in Boulder This Week

We knew we had arrived when we saw a paper mache egg flying through the air. It landed with a dramatic clop! and sent a candy-filled explosion across the pavement. The crowd oohed and ahhed. It was better than fireworks—although we would soon get to see Longmont’s impressive fireworks display in an uncrowded, lakeside field. I […]

A Road Trip to Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain Resort
A fire pit at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs while the sun sets. Photo by Aimee Heckel

Feed a mountain giraffe. Try the hottest salsa you’ve ever tasted. Plunge 150 feet into the canyon at 100 miles per hour. Experience total darkness in a mysterious, underground world. Welcome to Colorado Springs. It’s no ski resort, so Colorado Springs can sometimes get overlooked by travelers visiting Colorado or Boulderites looking for a close-to-home […]

Happening Highlights

This Week's Happening Highlights

The energy was otherworldly, like I had placed a foot onto the sun. Voices cheered loudly in the stadium, which arched around me in an enthusiastic embrace. I felt his hand grab mine, and we did it. We crossed the finish line together, father and daughter. His one voice seemed to cheer louder for me than […]

Top 11 Children’s Shops in Boulder County

Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe. Courtesy Photo

Whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly souvenir, an object of parental bribery or you forgot to pack something in your suitcase, when you’re on vacation, sometimes you need to hit the children’s shops. Boulder and the surrounding cities in Boulder County don’t have a ton of children-specific stores, but what they do have far exceeds […]

The 6 Best Boulder Parks for Families

Foothills community park

Boulder loves its open space and parks. As proof: The city offers more than 60 different parks. This includes a skate park, the Municipal Plaza and sports fields. With so much space to play, it can be hard to choose where to take your family. We know how important it is for kids to get outside in […]