Winterfest at Chautauqua

The Chautauqua Dining Hall. Courtesy photo

Boulder has its own little holiday village tucked up against the Flatirons. If you’ve never visited the Colorado Chautauqua during the holidays, this is the year to add it to your (advent) calendar. For 2019, the Chautauqua is turning itself into a magical winter wonderland, and it’s kicking off the festivities with a new weekend […]

The 4 Best Winter Hikes in Boulder

Mother Nature doesn’t close down when the temps drop. And you don’t necessarily need equipment, like skis or a board, to explore the snowy outdoors. All you need is your two feet and knowledge of where to go. OK, and maybe some extra traction for your shoes. Many of Boulder’s 151 miles of trails stay […]

Did You Know You Can Watch Movies at Chautauqua?

The Colorado Chautauqua in Boulder is famous for its hiking trails and Flatiron views. But Chautauqua is also one of the best places in Boulder to catch a movie. We’re not talking blockbusters you can see anywhere, though. Chautauqua features a specially curated Explorer and Documentary Film Series that runs through April. So when the […]

Happening Highlights

This Week's Happening Highlights

I am suffering from the summertime sickness. I caught it on accident, when I went to the Twenty Ninth Street Mall to get a brush at MAC. I parked my car, just like any normal May day, but as soon as I stepped outside, I could feel it in the air. This certain warm, mountain […]