The Stanley Hotel: Spooky History

Once you’ve graduated from haunted houses, it’s time to go big with a stay at a haunted hotel. You can earn that badge of horror by booking a hotel room at The Stanley Hotel, which is about 45 minutes outside of Boulder. The famed haunted hotel has played host to paranormal investigators from The Travel Channel’s […]

Shopping in Louisville vs. Superior

Shopping Lousiville vs Superior

Editor’s note: This Vs. That is Travel Boulder’s weekly comparison guide designed to help you pick the activities, food, drinks, hotels and events that best fit your preferences. It’s like if a traditional newspaper review had a love child with Yelp, except always reliably researched and experienced firsthand by our local writers. Because sometimes you […]

A Road Trip to Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain Resort
A fire pit at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs while the sun sets. Photo by Aimee Heckel

Feed a mountain giraffe. Try the hottest salsa you’ve ever tasted. Plunge 150 feet into the canyon at 100 miles per hour. Experience total darkness in a mysterious, underground world. Welcome to Colorado Springs. It’s no ski resort, so Colorado Springs can sometimes get overlooked by travelers visiting Colorado or Boulderites looking for a close-to-home […]

Red Rocks 2017 Concert Season Highlights

Red Rocks
Red Rocks. Photo by Will Kemp.

Sponsored Content [x_line style=”margin-top:0;”] This article has been brought to you by CID Colorado’s Shuttles to Red Rocks. Next show on your calendar, let us do the driving! [x_line] In Colorado, we do almost everything in the mountains. Obviously, the state is famous for skiing and snowboarding, not to mention hiking and climbing, but one […]

The 6 Top Beer Festivals in Boulder

There are as many ways to celebrate beer as there are flavors in Boulder. This Colorado town has a long list of locally made libations, from well-known breweries, such as Avery Brewing Co., Lefthand and Boulder Beer, to the local favorites, like Mountain Sun and J Wells Brewery (“the smallest brewery in Boulder”). While there’s […]