Sonya Shannon: Visionary Artist

Some people break down into tears when they see the artwork. Seven bodies leap and dance in a circle over ancient ruins. Their flying fabric is ablaze in flames. The painting looks like a classic. It could be in a famous museum in Paris. The piece is called “Burning Down the House.” And like everything […]

Art Walks Around Boulder County

Lafayette Art Night Out. Courtesy photo

Boulder has been named one of the artsiest cities in the nation. Combine that with more than 300 days of sunshine, and this is the natural result. “Art Walks” (as they’re typically called, although they may go by other names, too) allow you to explore a community on foot or bike, while stopping at art […]

Happening Highlights

I am the worst first judge of people — so predictably terrible, in fact, that if I completely ignore all of my instincts and do the opposite of what I feel, I am guaranteed to be spot-on accurate. Most of the most important, influential, amazing people in my life, I started out hating. I chase […]