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Red Light Therapy Around Boulder


Red light therapy is one of the hottest wellness and fitness trends, and there’s plenty of curiosity paving the way. You can find more than 3,000 published studies about red light and near infrared light.

The concept isn’t new (“phototherapy,” or using light for health reasons, dates back to ancient India), but a growing number of the local offerings are.

You can find red light treatment in many businesses, from doctors using it to treat lupus, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, psoriasis and sleep disorders, to NASA using it in space to help astronauts maintain bone and muscle mass, according to the Prism Light Pod, which makes red light therapy pods that you can find in nearby sports recovery facilities.

You can even buy at-home light boxes, like hand-held products from Joovv. Some people even use red light as a beauty treatment, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, Joovv says.

Joovv portable red light therapy. Courtesy photo

Prism Light Pod even claims its therapy can accelerate sports performance recovery four to 10 times faster than the body’s natural process, and can help fight inflammation. More details can be found in “The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy,” by Ari Whitten, or browse the science and research yourself online.

If you want to learn more about this popular health trend or you want to try it out yourself, here’s where to go in and around Boulder County.

1. Veranda Sunshine Studio, 1670 30th St.

Veranda is known as a tanning studio, but you can get other light fixes here. It also offers the Ergoline Beauty Lounge, which looks like a standing tanning bed, but instead, it emits visible red light (non-UV), along with “vibration exercise technology.” So you get the red light treatment, plus a little exercise at once.

2. The Beauty Spot, 1750 30th St., Unit 37

The Celluma LED at The Beauty Spot. Courtesy photo

Incorporate red light into your facial and spa treatment at The Beauty Spot. It offers LED Phototherapy using red light frequencies that are said to penetrate into the dermal layer and enhance collagen, elastin and more.

Bonus: The Beauty Spot also features a product called Celluma Pro to fight acne with blue light.

3. Denver Sports Recovery, 2242 W. 29th Ave., Denver

A Prism Light Pod. Courtesy photo

Head to Denver to try out the Prism Light Pod, which offers full-body red light therapy.
Denver Sports Recovery is considered one of the most advanced recovery centers in the country, and it’s also one of the first offering red light therapy from the Prism Light Pod.

“Due to its process of increasing the body’s own ability to create ATP, or energy, red light therapy has been successful for a wide range of soft tissue-related concerns — from structural damage, such as fractures, to weight loss, to optimized performance during exercise, and even improved appearance of skin and hair,” says Chris Contini of Denver Sports Recovery.

On the sports rehab front, it is said to be able to help repair ligaments, tendons and muscles, and reduce stiffness and soreness; speed recovery from sprains, strains and surgical procedures; and help with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, while slowing disc degeneration.

4. Golden Biohack, 4653 Table Mountain Drive, Suite G, Golden

A Prism Light Pod at Golden Biohack. Courtesy photo

Golden Biohack also offers red light therapy using the Prism Light Pod. Get your first consultation here for free, to get a personalized health plan using “the world’s most elite health and performance optimization tools, all in one location,” as the business claims.

According to Golden Biohack’s page, “Prism Light Pod is the most innovative, powerful and LED-dense photobiomodulation light pod in the industry. In just 15 minutes, two lightwave frequencies cover a range of user needs, including performance recovery, chronic pain, injury and wound healing, arthritis and joint pain, anti-aging and skin toning and weight loss.”

Want to try something slightly different?

Boulder Cryofusion may have a chilly sounding name, but cold treatment isn’t all it offers. It also has a far infrared sauna, which can be used to help soothe, heal and stimulate the body. Far infrared rays slightly increase the body’s surface temperature, which affects the way the body functions and increases blood flow. Studies have shown various potential benefits, such as help with skin disorders, chronic fatigue and more.

Learn more about the difference between red light and far infrared treatment here.

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  1. Are there any places in or around the area that offer NEAR infrared light treatments like those units you can buy for your home at Sauana Space?

    Most units I have seen at businesses (at best) offer only a spectrum of far and near but not just near.


  2. Hi we have been open for about a year now and we are located in Louisville on main street, we are Lighthouse Wellness Centre, we have the ReGen Pod Q8®, hydro massage, and laser therapy available. we currently have 5 stars across all platforms and offer the highest quality treatment for the most affordable price.

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