Meet the Wonder Press on Pearl


When you walk through the doors of this Pearl Street shop, you will wonder how someone managed to press so much of Boulder down between four walls.

Wonder Press, 946 Pearl St., embodies so much of this town: health, creativity, natural foods, environmental awareness and entrepreneurship with a local focus.

Wonder is a 100 percent organic, cold-pressed juice shop in downtown, but it’s much more than just a glass of fresh OJ (although you can get that here, too). This business is based on the premise that food can change your life; it can help you heal from the inside-out.

The key at Wonder: raw, unpasteurized, unprocessed ingredients, supporting local farms when possible.

The beverages at Wonder come in glass bottles packed with pounds and pounds of pressed produce and its nutrients. The ingredients are ground, then pressed between steel plates on a hydraulic press, which creates a nutrient-rich drink.

A drink at Wonder Press. Courtesy photo

Pick from more than 15 different types of bottled juice, from simple, fresh-pressed orange juice and raw coconut water to the sweet and zesty Charcoal Thyme Lemonade (made with lemon juice, OJ, grapefruit juice, thyme tea, activated charcoal powder and stevia) or the Blue Lagoon (lemon juice, honey, lavender, live algae and peppermint oil). If you’re looking for an adventurous, truly Boulder experience, you’ll find it here in a bottle.

In addition to juice, Wonder makes and sells (online and in the shop) nut milks and coffee beverages, such as a simple Coffee Bliss (just coffee plus almond milk) or the Yum Yum Latte. That’s a black brew, made with local Boxcar Coffee beans, almond milk, maple syrup and vanilla powder.

A coffee drink at Wonder. Courtesy photo

Then, Wonder sells various shots for different purposes. The Flu Shot isn’t some kind of flu shot with a needle from the doctor; it’s a warm and spicy beverage blend of ginger juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper and oregano oil, designed to stimulate the immune system, help digestion, relieve cramps and allergies and other health-related claims.

Tip: Ask about adding full-spectrum, Colorado-grown CBD to your drink.

Bone broth at Wonder Press. Courtesy photo

Wonder also sells cleanses, such as both bone and veggie broths (so you can make it a vegan cleanse if you want). The drinks include pressed turmeric and ginger, anti-inflammatory ingredients. The broth cleanse package features six different drinks, including a turmeric shot.

If you’d rather make your cleanse vegetable-centric, there’s a special Green Cleanse package, considered Wonder’s purest, “more advanced cleanse.” As Wonder explains, this kind of cleanse fills you with healthy, leafy greens and gives your body a break from sugar.

You can order cleanse packages for different lengths of time, from just a single day to a full week.

Beyond the bottles, Wonder’s Pearl Street shop has a menu of light food (like simple butter toast or a version of avocado toast), smoothies, coffee and tea and various juices. (Keto fans will be happy to see butter coffee on the list.)

A not-too-scary intro to Wonder’s creative drinks: The Strawberry Banana blend, made with Wonder nut milk, banana, strawberries, maple syrup and vanilla bean.

For a unique spin on a familiar beverage, try the Mint Chip: banana chip with spinach and peppermint essential oil (yes, edible essential oil).

Looking for a health boost? If you’ve heard of the benefits of golden milk, try Wonder’s version called the Golden, made with coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil, banana, turmeric, ginger, raw honey and nutmeg.

Get a little more adventurous with the Maca Pecan: Wonder nut milk, banana, pecans, maca root, date, vanilla bean and nutmeg.

Buy some cold-pressed juice to go at Wonder. Courtesy photo

If you can’t make it to the restaurant on Pearl or you want to bring some Wonder into your home, you can pick up products for free at the restaurant seven days a week, or you can arrange a free, local delivery on online orders of $75 or more. If your order is less, delivery costs $20.

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