Costumes at The Ritz in Boulder. Courtesy photo

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Halloween is one of the biggest spending holidays in the country, according to research by WeAreTop10.

And while more than half of shoppers do their Halloween shopping in September and within the first week in October, there are still half of us with no darn clue what we want to wear to go trick-or-treating and/or partying and/or terrifying the neighbors.

For those of us procrastinators, there’s this cheat sheet: Boulder’s guide to last-minute Halloween costumes, courtesy of local Halloween shops and readers.

A Charlie Brown Halloween

“I took a sheet and cut a bunch of holes in it and carried around a bag of rocks.”

– Andrea R.

Crazy Cat Lady

Attach stuffed cats to a bathrobe and slippers. Fill a bag with more cats. All of the cats.

– Tia S.

Steve Jobs, I guess

“I had a black turtleneck on today and got called Steve Jobs from three different people. I guess it’s my last-minute costume look this year.”

– Amber E.

Mythical Creatures

A huntress at The Ritz. Courtesy photo
A merman at The Ritz. Courtesy photo

“This year we are featuring many mythical creatures and characters in our window: dragons, mermen and Huntresses.”

– The Ritz Boulder, 959 Walnut St.

White Trash or a Blind Date (Or Both)

“Tape a bunch of crumpled up white paper to your clothes and voila: white trash. Or wear sunglasses and a garland of dates (tasty treat for later, too) and voila: blind date.”

– Aidan T.

Easy Skeleton

“Skeleton shirt can be very last minute. Just need a white tee, black clothes and scissors!”

– Laura F.

Steampunk Character

A steampunk costume at The Ritz. Courtesy photo
Another Steampunk costume from The Ritz. Courtesy photo

Add as many details and layers as you have on hand or can score to make a last-minute steampunk outfit. Costume pieces: steampunk inventions, eye patch, corset, thick belt, poufy blouse, industrial accents mixed with nature, chains.

Casper the Friendly Ghost

“A sheet. I cut two eye holes out and I’m Casper. Works every time.”

– Pat K.

A Pirate

A pirate at The Ritz. Courtesy photo
Another female pirate from The Ritz. Courtesy photo

Yar! Put together your best pirate costume and steal the night. Bonus points for female pirates.


A unique vampire at The Ritz. Courtesy photo

Add vampire fangs to any costume to give it a unique twist.

Slightly Offensive

“Fancy dress, martini and a fake baby bump = 1950s housewife. Bonus if you have a cigarette holder and some smokes.”

– Molly P.

Raspberry Beret

A costume by The Ritz. Courtesy photo

Really, all you need for this one is a red beret. Other accessories optional.

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