Guide to Boulder-Area CSAs


You don’t have to run your own farm to eat farm-fresh food in the Boulder area. Many local farms offer special community supported agriculture memberships. They’re like farm shares, where you pay a pre-set amount in exchange for regular baskets of produce and other locally sourced food.

You can buy into a CSA for fruits and veggies, but also meat, eggs, flowers, milk, honey and more. Exactly what you get often depends on the weather and harvest, but you know exactly where it came from and who grew it.

For people on a budget, some farms offer discounts if you help work on the farm.

Most CSAs are open to the public, but they can be in high demand; some sell out as soon as registration opens. Others keep registration open year-round.

That’s why we have put together all of the latest local CSA information: which farms offer food shares, what they offer, when and how to register, how much it costs, when and where to pick it up and more. Scroll down the table and compare costs and sizes and options to find the best CSA for you.

Some farms are not in Boulder County but offer pick-ups and deliveries in the area.

We have also included a local wine share, which isn’t exactly a farm but has ties to a local one.

Note: Details are subject to change, especially between seasons. We have also included contact info and websites for the farms so you can connect with them firsthand.


Name of farm Register Address Website What’s offered Cost Pick-up When offered Other info Contact
63rd Street Farm December 3796 63rd St., Boulder Website Veggies. Can add on meat, eggs, fruit, honey. $600 half share; $1,150 full share 3-7 p.m. Thurdays May-November Can also get coffee, bread, raw dairy, wood-fired pizza, local wine. Email
Aspen Moon Farm December 7927 Hygiene Road, Longmont Website Organic, seasonal produce $660 weekly (2-4 people); $360 biweekly (1-2 people) 4-7 p.m. Tuesdays at the farm (farmstand-style). There are also pre-bagged shares if you don’t want to pick your own produce. In Boulder, pick-up 3-7 p.m. at the Wednesday farmers market (pre-boxed shares). June-October. Fall CSA: November-mid-December. Possible winter share TBD. Can order extra items if wanted. Add-ons: fruit, flowers. Additional CSA pick-up in October (after the market ends). Email
Black Cat Farm December (sells out quickly) 6054 Oxford Road, Longmont Website Organic, seasonal produce, including unusual vegetables and varieties $580 for 21 weeks (for 2 adults) and optional $200 eight-week add-on. Prices subject to change for 2020. Saturdays at the Boulder Farmers Market. June through late November. Add-on option starts in April. Black Cat has a unique free-choice system. This means you choose what vegetables and the amount you can eat every week. Produce is not pre-selected. 303-717-6836
BonaVida Growers Jan. 1 10729 Airport Road, Longmont Website
FB Link
Seasonal produce 3 levels of shares: individual share is $280, small share is $400 and large is $600. Central Boulder, downtown Longmont or at the farm Tuesday or Thursday afternoon May-October (20-24 weeks) 50 shares total Email
Capering Goat Dairy TBD 5012 Valhalla Drive, Boulder Website Raw goat milk TBD Northeast Boulder near Boulder Reservoir Roughly April-November n/a 303-519-8618
Cultiva (Growing Gardens) TBD 1630 Hawthorn Ave in Boulder Website
Register Here
An assortment of fresh, certified organic produce harvested that week. $575 includes $525 for the share and a $50 tax-deductible donation or $23.86/week (excluding the donation) for 2-4 people. Prices are subject to change in 2020. Wednesday 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Growing Gardens 22 weeks: Late May-late October Add ons: 11 weeks of organic fruit shares for $189; 22 weeks of mushroom shares for $7.50/week ($165 in total) for ½ lb of mushrooms; 22 weeks of eggs, 1 dozen eggs each week for $7.50/week ($165 total) Email
Cure Organic Farm TBD 7416 Valmond Road, Boulder Website just-picked seasonal produce. Each winter share includes both fruit and vegetables. TBD 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Wednesdays at the farm. June for 20 weeks. Winter CSA is 8 weeks long, Oct. 23-Dec. 11. n/a Email
Ela Family Farms March 1-June 15 30753 L Road, Hotchkiss Website Organic peaches, plums, pears, several varieties of apples Medium Vegetable CSA Share —$425 for 22 weeks ($19.32 per week)—Feeds 2-4 People Boulder or Longmont farmers markets. Can be added to some of the other CSAs. August-October Cherries offered in July
Isabelle Farm Register mid-December for returning members and Jan. 1 for new members. 10029 Isabelle Road, Lafayette Website Seasonal, organic produce About $400 for bweekly (large); $500 for medium weekly share; $660 for large weekly share. 3:30-6 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday and 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Friday at the farm store, 1640 Baseline Road, Lafayette. Mid-June-end of October (20 weeks) Members get recipes, trivia and other weekly reports. Also find partner shares offering fruit, coffee and baked goods. Email
Jacob Springs Farm TBD 7602 Arapahoe Road, Boulder FB Link Meat, milk $1,000 for a meat share; $500 for a half share. Can get a discount of $250 with work. Milk: $50 per month. Saturdays at the farm. TBD n/a 720-201-5725
Jodar Farms TBD 5100 E. County Road 48, Fort Collins Website Poultry, pork, eggs $420 for a poulty share. $950 for a pork share or $475 for a half share. Exact price depends on what you order. Eggs: $5.50 a dozen. First Saturday of the month 4-6 p.m. in Longmont and third Wednesday of the month 4-6 p.m. in Boulder. TBD n/a Email
Kilt Farm January 8140 Oxford Road, Longmont Website Customizable boxes of organic produce $800 for a family share (feeds 4-6). $560 a week for a regular share (feeds 2-4). Work share available: Donate five hours of volunteer work each week and get 20 weeks of produce (family share size) in exchange. Available for weekly or biweekly delivery (throughout the county east of the foothills). Also box pick-up around town and market-style pick-up on the farm. June-October Working with other producers to offer eggs, cheese, bread and other farm products. Includes weekly newsletters with recipes and special events. 30 shares available. Email
Light Root Community Farm Year-round 7715 Arapahoe Road, Boulder Website raw cow’s milk, eggs, grass-fed beef $60/share / month (1 gallon of milk/week) or $30 for a half share (1/2 gallon a week) Weekly at the farm Year-round n/a Email
McCauley Family Farms Year-round 9421 N. 63rd St., Longmont Website Pasture-raised, certified organic chicken $135 a month for a whole share; $70 a month for a half share; $40 a month for a quarter share Second Wednesday and Thursday of each month in Boulder at the farms’ food facility. Or $10 extra for delivery on the third Friday and Saturday of the month. Year-round Add-on fermented vegetables, hot sauce, hot pepper flakes. 303-485-7688
Mountain Flower Dairy Mid-May (based on when goats give birth) 3240 Broadway, Boulder Website Raw goat milk $8/quart; $12/half gallon. TBD for 2020 TBD n/a Email
Monroe Organic Farm TBD 25525 Weld County Road 48, Kersey Website Seasonal produce, fruit, meat “Full share: $680; half share: $485; single share: $375; winter share: $450. Working full share: $380; working half share: $280; working single share: $225. Fruit share: $250. Also can order beef, lamb, honey, olive oil and hog shares for additional cost.” Thursdays afternoon/ evenings in Broomfield, Louisville, South Boulder, Fifth and University in Boulder, North Boulder and Longmont (various addresses). Year-round Extra: Honey, cookbook Email
North Field Farm TBD Nyland Cohousing Community, Lafayette Website Organic vegetables Large: $695 without work or $595 with three hours of work per month. Medium: $495 with no work. There are also a limited number of work-trade shares, where four hours of work per week is in exchange for a full financial trade of the share. TBD for 2020 22 weeks late spring-fall Extra: Organic fruit shares through Ela Family Farms. Email
Pachamama Farm and Wellness TBD 10771 N. 49th St., Longmont Website Local produce $700 for a full share. There are a limited number of work/trade CSAs. 4-6:30 p.m. Thursdays in central and south Boulder (TBD) or at the farm. May-October (22 weeks) Includes recipes, special events. 60 shares available. Email
Pastures of Plenty TBD 4039 Ogallala Road, Longmont Website Seasonal produce and flowers $750 for a large share; $575 for a regular share. Starts at $22/week. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Fridays at the farm; 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays at the Boulder Farmers Market. 18 weeks starting early June Extra: Cooking classes, farm parties, treats Email
Red Wagon Farm January or February (CSA never sells out) 7694 N. 63rd St., Longmont Website Seasonal produce “Regular veggie share: $798.10; biweekly veggie share: $416.40; large veggie share: $1,147.70; Friends of Red Wagon Share $1,886.00. Note: These are 2019 prices, as 2020 prices have not yet been set.” 4-7 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at five various locations in Boulder. May-late October (23 weeks) Extra: Coffee, eggs, fruit, mushrooms Email
Serendipity Farm March 8417 N. Foothills Highway Website Eggs, chicken, pork, beef, turkey (you choose how much per month). Price varies by amount ordered. In general, meat is $6.50-$12 per pound. Prices still TBD. At the farm Year-round Extras: Lard, bread, biscuits, pies, cookies, fruit, as available. 40 shares. Email
Settembre Cellars Register online (here) or at the Winery & Tasting Room in Boulder (1501 Lee Hill Road, unit 16). Pick-up at 63rd Street Farm, 3796 63rd St., Boulder Website Wine $235 for a seven-bottle share; $400 for a 12-bottle share; $625 for a 21-bottle share. Shares include glasses of wine at the 63rd Street Farm and flights at the winery. 63rd Street Farm. Thursday evenings from 3-7 p.m. from May 30 through Oct. 10 and Monday, Nov. 25. Usually runs the first Thursday in June through the mid-October from 3-7 p.m. Final pickup the Monday before Thanksgiving. During most of the season, there is wood-fired pizza and you can get wine by the glass to enjoy on the farm and bottles to enjoy at home. Email
Stonebridge Farm Currently taking names for waiting list. Email 5169 Ute Highway Website Organic produce, herbs, flowers. Also Stonebridge wine, fruit and Seashaken Alaskan salmon. Six-month farm share: $540. Other prices TBD. Shares are based on harvest rather than market prices. At the farm Saturdays starting at 11 a.m. May through October This was the first CSA in Boulder County, established in 1992. 90 shares. As a share-the-harvest farm, this farm does not sell at the farmers’ market. Stonebridge is also a winery and grows its own grapes. Email
Table Mountain Farm December 8181 N. 41st St., Longmont Website Goat milk, goat meat $15 fee and $5 jar deposit. $11/half gallon, $8/squart. Meat priced per cut, or $135 for 10-pound subscription. Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, coordinated with each customer TBD Possible CSA for chicken, eggs (duck and chicken). Store arries coffee, olive oil soap and goat milk shampoo bars. Email

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