Great Last-Minute Gifts for Boulderites and Travelers


You can easily find gift inspo by just walking down the colorful Pearl Street Mall. Boulder’s local businesses and arts and crafts festivals have something for even the hardest elf to shop for.

But Christmas is getting closer. The pressure is building.

Let it go. We’ve gotchoo.

We’ve been hunting the interwebs for the best gifts for Boulderites and travelers, and a handful of fun ideas caught our eye. If you’re stuck in gift-giving purgatory, break free with these fun, last-minute ideas that we’d love to find under our tree. You can buy them all right now from your computer.

For the Health and Fitness Fanatic

Renaissance Periodization
Renaissance Periodization. Courtesy photo

A Renaissance Periodization Plan, $109,

You’ve probably heard of RP Strength (if you haven’t, get on that hashtag stat). RP creates science- and evidence-based food plans to help you meet your fitness goals, whether that’s cutting fat or building muscle.

This isn’t some trendy fad; RP’s highly-respected team analyzed about 1 zillion (give or take) scientifically sound studies to look for patterns in what actually works for the most people most of the time. It fused the nutritional strategies with the best success into its custom food plans.

Need evidence that they work? Look no further than the CrossFit Games and powerlifting competitions, where many of the world’s top athletes give props to RP. It’s the official dietician of USA Weightlifting and USA Powerlifting. This gift is perfect for the athlete looking for an extra edge or a loved one with health and fitness goals for the new year.

Glasstic bottles are a great gift idea
Glasstic bottles. Courtesy photo

A Glasstic water bottle, starting at $11.99,
A glass water bottle is healthy for both you and the environment. There are no plastics (and the risk of BPA or phthalates) to worry about, and glass cleans up better than plastic (i.e. no perma-rotting protein powder odor). But one slip in the gym and there’s shattered glass everywhere.

Glasstic solves that. These glass bottles are covered in a special coating that prevents breaking. This means you can take it anywhere: hiking, camping, biking.

As a bonus, you can personalize every bottle.

Yoga mat by Yoga Design Lab
Yoga Design Lab. Courtesy photo

A luxury yoga mat, $88,

Serious yogis, you’re going to love these mats. They’re a work of art that you can work out on. Yoga Design Lab makes beautiful, artistic yoga mats made for performance. The company is known for its colorful and environmentally friendly mats, made out of recycled plastic bottles.

The new Infinity Mat ($88) features a mandala design in multiple colors and is made with biodegradable natural tree rubber. Plus, $1 of each purchase goes to help youth yoga programs for kids in need.

“The goal was to create a yoga mat that offered superior grip while staying true to our roots as a design-oriented and eco-friendly brand,” says Chad Turner, founder of the lab.

Also check out Yoga Design Lab’s Travel mat.

Skincare holiday gift
L’eela CBD skincare. Courtesy photo

CBD skin care, prices vary,

Colorado’s love for CBD continues to grow, and in response to the demand comes a new skincare line made by Coloradans. L’eela contains CBD and other healthy ingredients inspired by ancient healing practices. L’eela is responsibly sourced.

Highlights include the L’eela Vital Hydrating Oil ($50), with 100+mg of CBD and other essential oils, an all-purpose product for hair, body and face. The Radiant Face Serum ($70), which also contains marula oil, is moisturizing and great for dry Colorado winters.

Sanabul shorts
Sanabul shorts. Courtesy photo

Workout clothing, $25 and up,

Looking for some new workout clothes to start the new year right? Sanabul specializes in combat sports and fitness clothes (you might have seen it on pro MMA fighters). The designs are cool and the quality is high.

We love the men’s workout shorts. The Resorb All-Day Training Shorts are designed to wick away moisture, have a special spot for headphone wires and a great little zipper pocket to store your keys and small items while workout out. For lifters and yogis, there are the compression shorts (they even have SPF protection) made with a four-way stretch material with ggraduated compression to improve blood flow.

Fizzique sparkling protein water
Fizzique. Courtesy photo

Sparkling protein water, $35.97 for a 12-pack,

Sometimes after a killer workout, you don’t want to have to stomach a thick, sweet protein shake. But you still want to get in your protein to restore your body and brain. Fizzique (get it?) is a good alternative. It makes the world’s first sparkling protein water, with 20 grams of protein, only 80 calories and no carbs or sugar. It comes in different flavors, like strawberry watermelon.

Quantum Energy Squares
Quantum Energy Squares. Courtesy photo

A coffee protein bar, about $27 for 10,

If you want your coffee and protein, too, stuff a stocking with Quantum Squares, coffee-infused energy bars. They contain 10 grams of plant-based protein, plus nuts, fruit, seeds and super grains. One bar is equal to a shot of espresso. Plus, they’re gluten-free, non-GMO, low sugar and soy-free. After your next workout, pick from four different flavors, including a peanut butter chocolate.

A Rocketbook. Courtesy photo

A Rocketbook, $34,

Track your fitness goals on the Everlast notebook from Rocketbook. This innovative notebook feels like a regular notebook with a pen and paper, but you can reuse it endlessly, scan the notes and save them to the cloud. No more flipping around in your notebook or losing your records. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly. Using the app, you can even transcribe and search handwritten notes.

The Kissed Collection essential oil
The Kissed Collection. Courtesy photo

A sexy essential oil, $59.99 for the set,

Any healthy Boulderite is all about essential oils. Here’s a blend to improve your sex life. GuruNanda Exotics Romance Essential Oil Blend claims it can help you get in the mood. It includes ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose and jasmine absolute oil. Roll it on or put it in a diffuser. Plus, it smells incredible, romance or not. Also check out the Kiss roll-on, which uses the same blends plus coconut oil. A great gift is the entire Kissed collection for about $60.

For the Active, Outdoor-Lover

Parks Project stocking stuffers
Parks Project stocking stuffers. Courtesy photo

Parks Project gear, under $35,

Outdoor-lovers will get a kick out of these stocking stuffers. Find a wide array of accessories, hats, home goodies, candles, coloring books, socks and more from the Parks Project. Not only do these goodies give a shout-out to your favorite national parks, but they actually help support them through different projects, like habitat restoration, youth education and wildlife conservation. Rep your favorite parks and help keep them strong at the same time.

Tenth Street Sun Hat
Tenth Street Hats. Courtesy photo

A Tenth Street Hat, prices vary,

Protect your skin from the sun and look fashionable with one of our favorite hat designers. Tenth Street Hats recently released 75 new styles to its portfolio of more than 200. Just about every kind of hat you can imagine. We love the wide-brimmed hats (yes, even in winter), like the crocheted straw Paula hat ($120). The company has been family-owned since 1921.

Capture the Flag Redux
Capture the Flag Redux. Courtesy photo

An updated spin on Capture the Flag, $60,

We’ve all played the classic, outdoor game Capture the Flag. Here’s a modern spin on it. Capture the Flag Redux (the top novelty game on Amazon) takes the classic game and adds glow-in-the-dark lights, transforming the game into a nighttime, outdoor activity. There are six variations of the game, too, so you can play all night and never get bored.

For the Foodie

Absolutely Gluten-Free food
Absolutely Gluten-Free food. Courtesy photo

Gluten-free stocking stuffers, prices vary,

Fill your favorite foodie’s stocking with gluten-free snacks this holiday season. We love the creative products from Absolutely Gluten-Free, like low-calorie tahini bars, gluten-free flatbreads and GF blondies and brownie crunch snacks that you can sprinkle on ice cream or yogurt. Other yummy options: raw coconut chews in different flavors and GF macaroons. There’s no reason to eat the glutens with snacks like these.

David's Teas
David’s Teas. Courtesy photo

Holiday-inspired tea, starting at $8,

Deck the halls with boxes of tea. David’s Tea has a festive selection of holiday-themed tea, such as adorable tea-filled ornaments for just $8 (imagine coming down Christmas morning to find a tree covered in star-shaped tea boxes). Each ornament is full of loose-leaf tea in different seasonal flavors, such as Candy Cane Crush and Caramel Shortbread. For the festival of lights, a creative idea is the (kosher) 8 Nights of Tea set ($20): eight tins of caffeine-free, loose-leaf tea.

For the health-centric, there’s the Gift of Detox (three detoxifying teas). Stuck on what to get for your Secret Santa? Try Very Merry Teas ($20), with four holiday blends.

Himalayan sea salt shot glasses
Himalayan sea salt shot glasses. Courtesy photo

Himalayan salt shot glasses, $25 for a set of four on Amazon

Elevate your home bar and tequila game with the coolest shot glasses ever. Licking salt off your hand or rimming your shot glass with salt is a thing of the past. Root7’s Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are made entirely out of sea salt, adding a subtle taste of salt to your tequila and eliminating the awkward need to lick your hand. These glasses are classy, novel and beautiful. Each glass is unique and can be reused by rinsing with water and patting dry.

Super Coffee
Super Coffee. Courtesy photo

Super Coffee, $2.99,

Here’s a coffee alternative for the health-conscious. Super Coffee comes with 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of MCT oil, no sugar and only about 80 calories. It comes in different flavors, from vanilla to caramel. Find it at Whole Foods or online. It’s a cheap and novel stocking stuffer. There’s also a protein-packed creamer.

For Your Home

Coop Eden pillow
A Coop Eden pillow. Courtesy photo

The most comfortable pillow ever, $80,

This is the best pillow. Ever. Pillows aren’t one-size-fits-all, and the Eden Pillow by Coop Home Goods allows you to fill it yourself. If you like a bigger pillow or thinner pillow, you decide. The adjustable pillow is stuffed with a gel-infused memory foam and microfiber that’s not too soft or too hard and keeps your pillow cool through the night. The Eden Pillows come in standard, queen or king. You will never be able to have another pillow again.

Washable area rug by Ruggable
Ruggable. Courtesy photo

A washable area rug, starting at $58,

Boulder loves its dogs. But dog hair and rugs don’t mesh well, especially with giant area rugs that are difficult to clean. That’s why we’re obsessed with Ruggable, a two-piece rug system: the bottom is a non-slip base and the top peels off easily and can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Ruggables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as RVs and campers. They’re lightweight and easy to store. They come in a variety of patterns to match your style and sizes.

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