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Get Active in East Boulder


If you’re looking to get active in Boulder, it’s logical to look to the west. That’s where the mountains are, with endless trails to hike, rocks to climb, pathways to ride and ways to get your heart pumping.

But for expert support and indoor adventures, head east.

East Boulder is a huge hotspot for gyms and fitness. Maybe it’s due to the (slightly) lower cost of rent as you head east or the available space, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. But East Boulder seems to have more indoor fitness options than any other neighborhood in town.

Now, what qualifies as “east” is up for debate, too, as there’s no official hard line. When we think of East Boulder, we envision at least east of the Twenty Ninth Street Mall, and definitely east of Foothills Parkway.

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It’d take all day to tell you about all the East Boulder fitness options, but we’ve collected a few of our faves and categorized them for easy planning. Here are some of the ways you can get active in East Boulder.


These facilities have weights, cardio equipment and fitness classes. They suit the general public but may also offer niche features, like personal training and unique classes.

  • The East Boulder Community Center: This is one of Boulder’s public recreation centers. Highlights here include an indoor pool (lap and leisure), gymnasium, fitness classes and a hot tub and steam room to relax in.
  • Colorado Athletic Club – Flatirons: CAC, as it’s called, is considered one of Boulder’s finest health clubs. Go here for excellent group classes, as well as ball courts and an indoor and outdoor pool. This gym could be considered South Boulder, but it’s east-ish, too.
  • Anytime Fitness: You know, the chain. But in true Boulder style, this gym has a ton of character, fun classes and a super supportive group of regulars. Prepare to be surprised.


Boulder has two reputable boxing gyms, both in the eastern part of town.

  • The Corner Boxing Club: Learn technique and get fit in these group classes, both fitness and tactical boxing, contact and non-contact, for people of all ages.
  • Front Range Boxing Academy: This long-standing, old-school-style studio offers boxing lessons for people of all ages. Practice in real rings and train in the weight room.

Specialty Studios

East Boulder also has specialty gyms, if you want to train for something specific.

  • The Pilates Center: Pilates is a specific system of movement and exercise, and the Pilates Center is a great place to get your Pilates fix.
  • Alpine Training Center: This center specializes in conditioning and training outdoor athletes with skills they can take to the mountains.
CrossFit Roots. Courtesy photo

CrossFit Gyms

Boulder loves CrossFit. A handful of the gyms are located in East Boulder, due to the industrial atmosphere and style of many buildings that fit CrossFit’s vibe. Out east, you can find:

  • Boulder CrossFit
  • CrossFit Beat
  • CrossFit ETB
  • CrossFit Roots

Small Group and Personal Training Studios

While many gyms offer personal training and small-group classes, these specialize in a slightly different approach to it.

  • Customized Nutrition and Exercise Gym: This gym specializes in personal training with a diet component. Its supplement recommendations and chosen equipment is research-based.
  • I.A.M.: This small private gym offers a variety of classes for all levels; all classes are kept small so you get personalized attention.
  • Cheetahfit: Personal training is the signature service here, taught by certified trainers and highly-skilled pros.
  • Black Line Athletic Club: In addition to personal trainers, this club offers aerobics classes, indoor cycling, CrossFit and more.

For Kids

  • Shredder: Kids can practice skiing and learn techniques in this indoor ski and snowboarding school. Classes are taught year-round with real skis on synthetic “snow.”
  • CATS Gymnastics: This gymnastics studio offers classes for kids of all ages, plus has rock climbing walls, multiple trampolines and all kinds of fun equipment. Rent it for birthday parties, too.

Martial Arts Classes

  • Wolchek Academy: Kids and adults can learn Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Doce Pares here. The academy has been open in Boulder since 1994.
  • Boulder Ki Aikido: Learn “peace-focused” martial arts here; study Shinshin Toitsu Aikido and Japanese Yoga.
  • Easton Training Center: Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, fitness and CrossFit.

Yoga and Energy Work

  • Bikram’s Yoga College of India: This studio has held hot yoga classes everyday, 365 days a year, since 1994.
  • Colorado HealthQuest: This is a nontraditional fitness studio, where you can get physical therapy, manual and energy therapy, intuitive energy healing, Rosen Healing, the Rosen Method, massage and rolfing.

Alternative Fitness and Dance

If you want to dance your way to fitness, try these studios in East Boulder:

Danielle Hendricks performs with Frequent Flyers. Photo by Nina Reed
  • Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Studio: This is Boulder’s oldest and most respected aerial dance studio. It’s celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

    Vertical Fusion
    Joe and Melanie Piek do a pole dancing class together at Vertical Fusion in Boulder. Photo courtesy Desiree Galvez Photography
  • Vertical Fusion Boulder: This is a pole dance studio, but it also offers other aerial dance (like lyra) and floor dance classes for all levels, ages and genders..
  • The Core Movement Studio: Go here for NIA, a type of movement that feels like dancing. No equipment or impact necessary.
  • Arthur Murray Dance Center: Adults of all levels can go here to learn the tango, salsa, samba, ballroom dance and more.

Also Nearby
These are borderline East Boulder but worth checking out if you’re on that side of town.

  • Bella Strength: Find personal training, group fitness classes, nutrition coaching and more.
  • Boulder Spirals: This is another pole dance and fitness studio in Boulder.
  • Gold Run Health Club: The club has some unique amenities, including a salt water pool, rooftop hot tub, racquetball court, tennis courts and volleyball, plus a regular workout room.
  • Jazzercise: Yup. You know the thing. Boulder’s got a full Jazzercise studio. Legwarmers not required.
  • Functional Fitness and Wellness Centers: Get fit for life. Functional Fitness uses advanced muscle testing, joint testing and other kinds of analysis to address your health in a personalized way.

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