Full Moon
A plane is seen flying in front of the second full moon for the month of July, Friday, July 31, 2015 in Arlington, Va. In recent years, people have been using the name Blue Moon for the second of two full moons in a single calendar month. An older definition of Blue Moon is that it’s the third of four full moons in a single season. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

Full Moon Boulder


In Boulder, the full moon is not just a natural phenomenon. It’s a special occasion.

The next time you see that bright circle in the night sky, know that below it, in Boulder County, there are people hiking, doing yoga, meditating, reading poetry, dancing around fire, drumming and making art.

The Boulder Poetry Tribe does Full Moon Readings. Boulder County Parks and Open Space leads moonlight hikes. Yogis throughout the region gather to chant, breathe and move together. The specific events change every month, but the calendar is always packed.

We get two full moons this month: one March 1 to kick off the month and another to end the month on March 31.

In honor of this double full moon month, here are some full-moon-related events you can find around Boulder:

Full Moon Hikes

Boulder County Parks and Open Space regularly organizes family-friendly full moon hikes along different trails in Boulder County. Hikers explore the mountain by moonlight and also learn about the moon and its effect on people, wildlife and nature.

You can also find full moon hikes hosted by Women’s Wilderness. These hikes are often focused on a specific topic. For example, one hike was about the “intention of understanding direction.” In addition to learning about orienteering and how to use a compass, these events also touched on your internal compass and how to find your direction in life.

Forest Bathing

You might think this sounds like an only-in-Boulder event but it’s actually inspired by the Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku. The premise of forest bathing: A hike (or even structured time) in the woods can help ease stress, help you heal and add value to your life. Open Space also runs these hikes. They’re different than a regular full moon hike because they incorporate still periods to observe and reflect.

Full Moon Tribal Fest

Dance under the full moon around a fire to live music. Double Rainbow Ranch in Niwot held a Full Moon Tribal Fest earlier this month. The event also included a “full moon alignment and Shanti Dedication Dance,” fire dancers and tribal belly dancers. Musicians included Buddha Bomb’s tribal ecstasy music and YashAkasha’s “medicinal hip-hop.”

Full Moon Sisterhood Circle

On occasional full moons, women gather in a sacred space for sisterhood, meditation, ritual and connection. These Full Moon Sisterhood Circles start with a vegetarian potluck and move into meditation, intention-setting and a sharing circle. Share a story, a question, a poem, a song, whatever you want. The goal: to let go of that which is no longer serving us and share our truth. The circle is for anyone who self-identifies as a female of all spiritual and religious backgrounds (including none).

Full Moon Meditation

Boulder’s StarHouse temple regularly holds Full Moon Meditation events, a quiet time for people to listen and feel the energy of the sun, moon and Earth “in their full moon alignment.” Participants can experience their quiet time however they want: lying, sitting, walking or however inclined.

Full moon bath bombs. Courtesy photo

Full Moon Crystal Bath Bombs

Feeling crafty and want to make something during the full moon? Head to the Golden Rock Shop in the nearby town of Golden to make Full Moon Bath Bombs. These are crystal-charged bath bombs made with organic products, essential oils, herbs, dead sea salts and a specific crystal to align with that month’s full moon.  Participants can take their bath bombs home, as well as new knowledge about the energetic properties of the full moon and info about homeopathic uses for oil, herbs and crystals.

Floating Sound Meditation. Courtesy photo

Floating Sound Meditation

Float in the water while you meditate during the full moon. That’s how the Holistic Retreat Center in Nederland celebrates this phase of the moon. During a Floating Sound Meditation Ceremony, you float in a warm saltwater pool, on a mat or in a hammock in the center’s bamboo atrium, while listening to sounds like drumming or bowls played with a tuning fork. The pool house is solar-powered and the water is a mix of rainwater and mountain well water vibrationally charged through sound, crystals, color and light.

Participants are invited to bring their own tools, too, such as crystals, water to charge or a cozy pillow for your mat.

Wisdom Circle

This is another wellness and connection circle, but it’s not just for women. Golden Yoga and Healing Arts in Golden holds Wisdom Circles centered around certain themes. For example, March is about “marching into the light” and self-care, featuring a guest speaker from Uninhibited Wellness who will talk about nutrition, career, relationships and more. The events are donation-based and open to the public; they also take donations for needy people in the community.

Full Moon Yoga and Sound Bath

You can find a variety of yoga classes in Boulder that acknowledge the full moon, including practices at Raj Yoga + Meditation. In March, Raj Yoga’s full moon practice featured a Yin and Tibetan bowl sound bath. While listening to the sound vibrations, participants moved through energizing Yin yoga postures.

Another full moon yoga class in Boulder is through Jeanie Manchester’s Yoga. On March 31, this studio will offer a workshop that explores the gods and goddesses of yoga.

A full moon bonfire at WinterBlaze. Courtesy photo

Drum Circle and Bonfire Jam

This full moon gathering was called WinterBlaze. At the Vail Soul Sanctuary, people gathered for a “bonfire jam.” As the event description goes: “Big fire, no curfew, no cover charge.”

The celebration was hosted by DjemBlaze, The Boulder Drum Circle and Denver Drum and Dance.

Reiki Circles

The Integrative Chiropractic Institute in Longmont holds free Full Moon Reiki Circles for women interested in learning more about Reiki and the moon. Events are focused around a theme, such as relationships. The circles include a discussion, meditation, short Reiki sessions and sharing. Journaling is encouraged afterward.

Full Moon Snowshoeing

You’ll have to head to the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park for this one, but it’s worth it. Head out for a snowshoeing adventure around Bear Lake starting after sunset. Don’t have snowshoes? You can rent them at ski shops.

Full Moon With Singing Plants

Just when you think you know what to expect during a Full Moon Sound Bath (wait, or do you?), head to Yoga Hive in Louisville. Organizers call this one an “experiential sound concert.” There are crystal bowls. But there is also the “singing voice of plants” channeled via technology.

Intuition Workshop

Amana Yoga Boulder organizes regular full moon events that are themed, such as an intuition workshop. In addition to learning about intuition, this event included live music, meditation, a gong bath and journaling. Participants got recipes, meditation and a crystal to take home.

Hi-Vibe Breathwork

Irevibe is one of Boulder’s most original places, and during the full moon, it often offers special events. In the past, it has hosted a breathwork session to spark healing. Participants were guided through special breathing techniques designed to activate specific areas of the brain and brain waves. Add to that “acoustic resonance therapy” on vibrating platforms called soundboards.

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