SCAPES Exhibition Opening Reception

12jan5:00 pmSCAPES Exhibition Opening Reception

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Join us for the opening reception of SCAPES – a visual arts exhibition featuring works by Richard Eisen, David Hollander, Molly Kaderka, and Pam Rogers. This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

scape in botanical terms is a long flowerless stem that extends from the bulb or rhizome of plants often buried right below the earth. Common scapes are the greens from onions or garlic, often utilized with the same eagerness of the mature vegetable itself. The term scape can also be used to designate the antennae of an insect or the shaft of a singular bird feather. 

It’s a term that also brings to mind the land, implying an apostrophe on the title of the exhibition.

The landscape, the Earth, the planet that we live on and the things that encompass that space. 

The artists in this exhibition land somewhere between both lines of thought: exploring the world we live on, the lands we have seen and have yet to see, as well as the organisms and artifacts that exist within the universal scape that we as humans dwell within.

Methodologies include but are not limited to: 

the skewing of real/hyper-real/digital, creating colored pigment from the world around us, wrapping-binding-harnessing-distilling, floating ink on water and allowing an image to appear on paper, creating new works from broken works, fabric portals, colored binder yet to be fired, streeeeeeeeeetching a material and hoping gravity doesn’t function properly, defying gravity when it does, process over product, depicting unseen worlds and objects, letting vision guide creation 


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Dairy Arts Center

2590 Walnut St Boulder, CO 80302

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