*RENTAL* House Party feat. Hunter Leggitt, The Relative Zero, Markus Braun

09apr8:00 pm*RENTAL* House Party feat. Hunter Leggitt, The Relative Zero, Markus Braun*RENTAL* House Party feat. Hunter Leggitt, The Relative Zero, Markus Braun at The Fox Theatre

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A unique sonic journey featuring DJs with deep roots in Boulder and who have captivated audiences around the globe!

HUNTER LEGGITT has been rocking the decks on the radio, at festivals, and at some of the most legendary parties since the mid-1990s. Starting as a vinyl junkie and an underground hip hop DJ, he has evolved his sound into an eclectic and diverse style, engaging his audience in a musical journey through place and time.

Hunter has played at renowned venues such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, and Burning Man, and has shared the booth with the likes of Diplo, Grimes, GRiZ, The Pharcyde, and Cut Chemist.

The Relative Zero is an electronic music producer and DJ proudly representing Berlin, Germany and Colorado, USA. With an educational background in orchestral music theory and composition, The Relative Zero creates a unique orchestral yet hard hitting sound designed for Berlin’s many techno dance floors. Whilst combining classical chord progressions and contemporary techno sound design, The Relative Zero delivers energetic DJ performances that never fail to shake the dance floor.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Markus Braun’s love affair with house music was ignited by a myriad of influences—from the wubs of dubstep to the rhythm of hip hop and UK drill, the soul of disco and jams of alt-rock to the rolling basslines of deep house. Yet, it was his relocation to Los Angeles in 2020 that marked a turning point in his career, catapulting him into a world of creativity, experimentation, and unrelenting determination.

Markus’s sound is an elegant blend of dark scales, deep basslines, and a hint of upbeat drums. It’s the innovative integration of tech house styled drums with bass house basslines and elements, executed with subtle elegance, that sets his music apart from the rest. The balance between energy and simplicity in Markus’s compositions creates a captivating auditory experience, reflecting both the passion and precision of his craft.

Headlining at venues such as Catch One and direct support for artists like Mike Taylor, Hawd Hitta, DIVINA and Friz of Soul, Markus has quickly made a name for himself in the LA house scene. His performances at renowned venues such as Canary, Catch One, Madame Siam, and The Shangri La have left audiences captivated and yearning for more.

​In the coming months, fans can look forward to a new single and a highly-anticipated debut EP, showcasing Markus’s talent and versatility. His commitment to his craft is reflected not only in his musical achievements but also in his philosophy of life. For Markus, success is about more than accolades; it’s about spreading positivity, living with integrity, and never giving up on your dreams.

His vision for the future is clear: he wants his music to be the secret weapon in every DJ’s set, the go-to at parties, and a source of fun. But beyond the clubs and dance floors, Markus is exploring the power of house music to convey emotion and tell stories, to create moments that linger long after the music has stopped. As he continues to rise in the tech house scene, he does so with an unwavering love for music and a dedication to his fans. Whether it’s in the studio crafting his next hit or on stage igniting the dance floor, Markus’s passion shines through. And as he looks to the future, the horizon is filled with promise, creativity, and the unending beat of house music.

“Let there be light.”


April 9, 2024 8:00 pm

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