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DAWN: an AR experience

05may2:00 pm2:10 pmDAWN: an AR experience

Event Details

Immerse yourself in Presentville, an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) designed to create real world change and empowerment for struggling individuals, families and communities.

DAWN is a mix of performance art, live painting, sacred Lakota quilt making, physical art exhibit, holograms, and virtual and augmented reality. During the event participants will view one of a kind art pieces that are connected to stories of empowerment and real world change. There will be limited edition Presentville art available for sale and many characters for guests to meet: Native American Lakota characters from the Pine Ridge Reservation will display their traditional arts and finish a special Star Quilt live, Dave Swallow a renowned Lakota Medicine Man will share stories from his short film Ghost Dance and will hold small audiences, Gbaby, one of the original Presentville Characters will make his debut for autographs, participants will have the opportunity to become Santa in a virtual reality simulation, and explore the augmented reality portion of the show as well.

Additional Information:
Participants will begin this “create your own adventure” immersive art experience by signing a media release to acknowledge that there will be cameras capturing the event for a reality TV show pilot. Additionally, we will ask participants to acknowledge the rules of the game before entering the play space:

1) do no harm to yourself, others or the play space

2) play the game for the benefit of all beings.

Participants will be guided through the experience individually or in small groups and meet one character after the next. The interactions with each character will determine the path they take through the live show. The game is connected to Global Peace Train, a nonprofit that empowers leaders around the globe and helps them transform their lives and the lives of those in their communities.

About the Game: The Presentville Game is a personal development game, played in the real world, online, in virtual and augmented reality. The game leverages character development and cosplay for personal growth during live events. The game is designed to create global and social change through empowerment and altruistic action and is based on the vision of freeing all beings from suffering.

Choose your own adventure during this one of a kind immersive art show. Be led through a maze of Presentville players in full costume and others hidden in plain sight, experience cutting edge technology, and the outrageous art of Kitty Swag Boss.

Follow Presentville guides through the adventure or dive into playtime with us and embody a character that is available for community play. The characters may shock and surprise as they expose the richness of compassion and generosity and invite you to join in the vision of benefiting all beings.

Age Guideline:
All ages: possible scary costumed characters, mature language and sexual content. All children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

VIP Tickets:
VIP ticket holders will have a personal guide and that gives them access to the front of all lines (just like at Disney World, but with a personal guide). VIPs will also be able to pass through the “Gateways” without having to follow the rules of the public. Most of the public will have to earn their way into certain experiences through those “Gateways”, but VIP’s will be able to experience the coveted art pieces even if they haven’t made it through the requirements. Each VIP will be personally guided and the guides will inquire about the participants interests in order to deliver the most powerful and customized experience.


Dairy Arts Center

2590 Walnut Street

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