Boulder International Film Festival: Adventure Short Films 2

07mar12:15 pm2:15 pmBoulder International Film Festival: Adventure Short Films 2

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Chasing Monsters

USA, Short Documentary, 2019, 5 min

They snap power lines, topple buildings, inundate roads and smash the work of humans with cool indifference. But to behold a monster storm up close is to taste the infinite.

Directed by Krystle Wright, Toby Pike

Boulder Premiere

The Ladakh Project

Austria/France, Short Documentary, 2019, 14 min

Kayaker Nouria Newman embarks on a solo multiday descent on the raging waters of the Indus River in the Himalayas. From brutal close calls to moments of grace, the river delivers an intense experience.

Directed by David Arnaud


Australia, Short Documentary, 2019, 10 min

Jezza Williams went from a rogue adventurer to a life-changing accident that left him a C5 tetraplegic. Positivity bursts from every fiber of his being. He’s been to some dark, wild places yet it seems the journey is just beginning.

Directed by Henry Brydon, Hayden Griffith

US Premiere

Grizzly Country

USA, Short Documentary, 2018, 12 min

After serving in the Vietnam War, author and eco-warrior Doug Peacock spent years alone in the Wyoming and Montana wilderness observing grizzly bears. Peacock reflects on the importance of habitat and why he continues to fight for wild causes. Hayduke lives.

Directed by Ben Moon

Boulder Premiere

Skier vs Drone

Canada/USA, Short Documentary, 2018, 4 min

2018 Olympic Bronze Medalist ski racer Victor Muffat-Jeandet faces off against 2x World Drone Racing Champion Jordan Temkin in a dual GS race to see who is the fastest down the mountain.

Directed by Mike Douglas

Boulder Premiere

The Long River Home

USA, Short Documentary, 2019, 20 min

Aaron Howell and Russell Davies, combat veterans injured in war, come together for a new mission to guide blind Navy veteran Lonnie Bedwell on his third trip kayaking the Grand Canyon. They battle more than 80 powerful rapids and relate finding their line to navigating the chaos of life.

Directed by Seth Dahl

The Flip

Mexico, Short Documentary, 2019, 3 min

French skydiver Remi Angeli must face his fears in order to explore new expressions of movement while BASE jumping in Mexico. SUBTITLED

Directed by Reed Rickert

Life of Pie

USA, Short Documentary, 2019, 12 min

When Jen Zeuner, a former competitive BMX rider, and Anne Keller, a contributing photographer for Bike Magazine, moved to the tiny conservative town of Fruita, Colorado almost 20 years ago, it was not yet on the map as a renowned mountain biking destination. Jen and Anne weren’t shy about using lesbian innuendos to sell pizza, even when Fruita wasn’t quite ready for it.

Directed by Ben Knight, Travis Rummel

Boulder Premiere

Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller (in person)

Danny Daycare

Scotland, Short Film, 2019, 4 min

In this funny short, Danny Macaskill takes on childcare the only way he knows how…and it involves a wee bike ride around Scotland!

Directed by Stu Thompson