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Christina’s Luxuries Keeps Boulder Fashionable




Beautiful clothing and lingerie is more than a style statement for Barbara Wilson. It’s a part of her DNA.


She grew up in this world. And over the past 40 years, she has shared it with Boulder.


Wilson is the owner of Christina’s Luxuries, 2425 Canyon Blvd., unit 100, in Boulder. Christina’s – named after Wilson’s only daughter – is best known as a high-end lingerie store. But it’s much more than that.


It’s also a women-led, local business and third-generation family legacy. And it carries much more than bras and underwear.


Some of Wilson’s earliest memories revolve around clothing. Her grandma ran a clothing store back in New Jersey, before sharing the passion with Wilson’s mother and her aunts. Wilson remembers the women in her family pulling her out of school to go on buying trips in New York.


She remembers sitting next to her mom and grandma on the train – the excitement growing as they got ready to go select the shop’s inventory for the upcoming season.


“I had the most fabulous childhood ever,” Wilson remembers. “It’s the greatest job a girl can have and still call it work. Who gets to go to LA and New York and shop for a living? And then working with a bunch of women is superb.”


Wilson worked with her family until her husband’s job relocated them to Colorado in the ‘70s. She decided to open her own store, an extension of and inspired by her grandma’s legacy. The goal: “Timeless, effortless fashion that encompasses quality and comfort to enhance and support women in their everyday life,” Wilson says.


As she sees it, her job is to help people look and feel amazing so they can go on to accomplish great things.


“It’s all about polished ease,” she says.


What that looks like today? The opportunity to work with a personal shopper and expert who can fit you perfectly in clothes. That’s a far cry from the impersonal, often cheap experiences of fast fashion online.


Indeed, Wilson says she has tried to preserve as much of that original family legacy – of impeccable customer service, quality and finely curated apparel and also authentic camaraderie – in Christina’s Luxuries. In addition to lingerie, you can also find luxurious pajamas, denim, swimwear, jackets, body care, and all kinds of clothing, from cashmere sweaters to dresses for special occasions. Cozy flannel PJs and warm socks. Comforting body oil and candles. A stunning bra and panty set. Maternity clothes. Even a bridal registry option.


The list of brands carried is extensive, too, spanning the likes of Velvet, Ugg, Spanx, Nicole Miller, Heidi Klum, Calvin Klein, American Vintage and many more.


People are often surprised by how much variety they can find in Christina’s, Wilson says.


“We’ve been carrying clothes for more than 30 years, but people still walk in and say, ‘Oh, I thought you only sold bras, and I don’t need lingerie.’”


That being said, Christina’s does specialize in bra-fitting. And it does carry a vast selection of lingerie brands and sizes. Wilson can think of clients who shopped Christina’s for their wedding and years later bought their daughters in to be fitted for their first bra.


“Today, people buy everything online, but as they get tired of trying to figure out their size – there’s not a whole lot of standardization in sizing and every brand and style is different – they come to us for the correct fit,” she says. “We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and working with people individually, which is really special after impersonal online shopping.”


Of course, you can still shop Christina’s online, too; displays all inventory available in the store, so in that, you can have the best of both worlds: personalization and/or ease of one-click shopping.


A few things have changed over the decades. Lingerie has evolved. Christina’s now carries what Wilson calls the world’s most comfortable undergarments for men.


But ultimately, the heart remains the same, Wilson says.


“Women are still the same. We love lingerie and the perfect fit, regardless of the styling possibilities,” she says. “You have women who want no construction or women who want a super lift. There’s products for everybody. Everybody’s idea of beauty is something different.”




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