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Holy Sit! Check Out Decadent Saint

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“Holy sit! A bottled revolution”

That’s the catchphrase that’s printed on each of Boulder County-based Decadent Saint’s bottled mixers, wines and reserve wines, alongside its namesake and mascot, a saint bernard.

And a revolution it is. These mixers are fruit-based, similar to a mulled wine, with flavors like spiced black currant, passionfruit, raspberry and spiced dark chocolate. The fruit is unpasteurized, preserved by the alcohol (about 20 percent per bottle) and as close to fresh fruit in a bottle as you can get at a liquor store.

The History

Owner Michael Hasler is educated in winemaking and has worked across the world, including places like France, California, New Zealand and Australia. He was educated at Charles Sturt University, Australia’s premier wine education school.

After finishing school, he built and operated a lodge in New Zealand. He often served mulled wine to the guests there. Eventually, he came to America, fell in love with Boulder and used this knowledge to start what is now Decadent Saint.

In his new life in Boulder, he’s continuing to work to create unique and delicious drinks, and his Ultimate Mixers are one of the products of his efforts.

Decadent Saint’s award-winning mixers. Courtesy photo

Ways to Enjoy

Not only are the mixers delicious, they’re also practical and great for parties. At around $20 per bottle, they are made to be combined with any “spirit, water, seltzer, tonic, ginger beer or more,” according to Decadent Saint’s website. This means one bottle will make you a gallon of beverages, once properly mixed. This is enough to fill a large punch bowl to set out for friends, or if you’re feeling a little fancier, use one of Decadent Saint’s cocktail recipe ideas on their website.

Some options are a Tropical Daze (two parts Passionfruit Ultimate Mixer, one part coconut rum, one part dark rum, with a squeeze of lime) or a Raspberry Shandy (two parts lemonade, one part Raspberry Ultimate Mixer, filled with the light beer of your choice), though the possibilities are endless.

If you’re less into fruity mulled wine and more into a traditional vino, Decadent Saint has you covered there, too. It offers What We Love, a 2013 Chardonnay; the Faithful Red; and the Honest Sin, a 2013 Zinfandel. It also offers three reserve wines from 2013: a merlot, a Syrah and a cabernet.

Decadent Saint’s tasting room. Courtesy photo

Where to Enjoy

Bottles are sold at liquor stores across Colorado and Nebraska. Pick up a bottle to enjoy a win romantic evening or try making a unique craft cocktail at home. You can also go to Decadent Saint’s tasting room, located at 1501 Lee Hill Drive, Unit 14.

We enjoy the tasting room because we can try multiple drinks without having to buy multiple bottles. You’ll probably fall in love with them and end up buying them all anyway. You’ve been warned.

The tasting room is bright and colorful with floral paintings, strung lights and plenty of seating and standing room. Of course, there’s also a picture of a saint bernard.

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